Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Get Me Bodied


I went to see Beyonce in concert Monday night. And it was eh-verr-ree-thing.
We missed two days of school because of snow, sleet and ice and it was so cold in the D but I wore this anyway.  #IDidntEemCare My friend said "I see you with yo thighs out."  #MadeMeThinkOfChicken
 I danced and sang the entire time, it was so supremely awesome! It was like when you go to a funeral and you say about the person "He looks just like himself."
She sounded just like herself! But she was singing live. (Hear that, Madonna and Britney?) #ImActingLikeATree #Shady
I was mega-excited to snag this Notorious B.I.G. sweatshirt from Forever 21, it spoke to me so hard.
Earrings: Aldo
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Marshalls (I am living in these boots these days)
Lipstick: Ruby Woo by Mac
 Going to the concert was a spur of the moment decision but was one of my (early) birthday gifts
(My actual birthday is this Friday). Even though going to see Jay-Z was one of my
birthday gifts as well but who says you gotta have one gift?!? 
Once I found out they had tickets still available on Saturday I said "Let's do it!"
*in my best Tone Loc voice.* 
I have always liked Bey, I think that she's a talented performer but now after seeing her in concert, I will cut somebody over Beyonce. I will take off my earrings and fight them in the street like she is my play sister. Talmbout "Nobody better not talk bad about Bey!" Now I understand why #PeopleBe crying at concerts and throwing themselves in front of her car, she sang a snippet of "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston and I was shouting like I was in church!
Yelling out "Don't do it, Bey!" and thankfully she didn't.
(I ain't ready for that no ways, I still get teary whenever I hear that song now.)

 Has anyone ever seen Beyoncé in concert? Was your experience as magnificent as mine?
 *Sidenote: I originally wanted to title this post "Milkshake" as in it bring all the boys to the yard but I'm thinking maybe I'm in the wrong yard.....


Fatinthecity said...

It's your funeral line that killed me. You are one of the only bloggers that make me want to read your entire post cause you're so damn funny! I left that yard years

Ashley Ellis said...

Girl... You are crazy! LMBO! I busted out laughing after the two paragraphs. SMH!

You look great! Love that hair!

lalaG said...

i went. it was ERRVERYTHANG and more

YoyosFashions said...

I'm glad you had fun. I as her & Jay in concert before both concert were awesome she is a true performer!! Love her!! Btw your outfit is great!!

Unknown said...

I haven't seen her live but I have watched her live on dvd or youtube when she is overseas. She sends chills throughout my body because as a performer she really gets it! And that's what make her so legendary to be young. I hate I missed her yet again. She is our Tina Turner and sister girl have so much to give us. So she will be around for awhile.

LV said...

LOL! I hear she puts on quite a concert. Your outfit is cute and I have that skirt too, but I wear mine as a top or a scarf because on me it is just too short, but on you it looks amazing. I hardly ever do giveaways, but I wanted to let you know that I am having one for a shopping spree at Jollychic, so be sure to stop by if you want to enter.



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