Monday, May 02, 2016

Ain't Nobody Told Me

Why ain't nobody told me......

 Nutella was so good????? I had no idea! My two co-workers/group message bandits looked at me like I was dressed like Kim Kardashian when I told them that I had never had Nutella. Their exclamations of "Oh it's sooooooo good! I can't believe you've never tried it!" made me give them the side eye a lil bit, but I bought some anyway.

Scarf: H&M years ago
Tee: Thug Life Shirts (I rocks with them)
Jeans: J. Crew (Great for us curvy girls and they have super sales!)

No.Body.Told.Me.It.Was.So.Gooooood. It's like what I imagine Idris Elba tastes like, or what I imagine Oprah smells like. I do kinda, sorta feel a teensy tiny bit like I should have Black Card Detention because one of my friends was like "We don't eat that! What's wrong with regular old peanut butter???" when I mentioned to him how much Nutella made my insides melt.

And why ain't nobody told me.....

the BeyHive rides sooooooo dang gum me hard for Beyonce? I loves B, if I can't be with Jay I choose her as my successor. But why people outchea blowing up Rachel Roy's daughter's Instagram (who is 16, by the way), and threatening Rachael RAY instead of the intended target, Rachel Roy??? 
Rachael Ray yall!  Rachael Ray tryna save us some time and teach us how to make a meal in 30 minutes and people throwing her cookbooks in the trash! #LawdHelp 
I just knew we were gonna see Rachel Roy's home address all on these innanet streets but I think Bey contacted the BeyHive member in Charge of Operations and told them to tone it down.

I guess I am only a general member of the BeyHive 
since I draw the line at threatening folks 
and I don't have time to be putting all of those lemon and bee emojis in people's comments. 
Sorry Bey.    


Ticka said...

I've only tried Nutella once, when it first came out. It was aight, but since you sai it made your insides melt, I think I may give it another go!!
Chile, the Bey Hive?! They are some goons!! When they swarmed Rachel Ray, I laughed so hard!! Now she knows for future reference who NOT to mess with!!

Jazmine Harrod said...

Girl you are funny to me!! But I love this tee, I've wanted a spiritual gangster tee for so long.

Anonymous said...

Love your posts. This is too funny!

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Watch Live said...

Nutella is delicious.

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