Sunday, September 17, 2006

What Say You, Yea or Nay?

Here are random pics that I've found. Are these looks Yea's or a Nay's? Let me know!


cynt73 said...

Lil Kim is a HAM if I ever saw one! I like what Tracey Ellis Ross has on. Dawn Lewis looks horrible, I never liked her anyway!

Anonymous said...

imma say yay to tracey ellis ross. that chic is usually on point. that's a nay to the smedium pants john legend has on. some like, i don't. star... ion know for sure. lol. the skirt AND the belt are fighting for attention. puff's mom is a nay all the way! why does she have to have her bresticles out like that?? tyson is hot, even with the mohawk. eric benet and his daughter (i assume) both get a yay!


Toya Hardaway said...

OK you know I got2 get some folks so...

1. Star: Nay-poster girl for autumn leaves.

2. Dawn and Professor: Nay- Uh, where are they going with the leopard ball?! Look like outfits that you wear at a backyard Bar B Que!

3.Eric Benet: YEA-only if that's his daughter India and not the next girl!

4. Tyson: Yea- a pass for fineness!

5. Traci Ellis Ross: Yea-always!

6. Lil Kim: Nay-Hot mess!

7. Uh, Diddy's mama?: Nay-fashion BB Blues(ie belt & boobs). She didn't have a childhood-or friends-did she?

8. Kanye: can I say Yea/Nay? He's pushin the envelop!
-otherwise, I'll say Nay...

9. John Legend: Nay-he won't be one with the skin tight britches.

Haute Girl said...

No, no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!

jnetteb said...

John is def wrong for the TAPs he's wearing (Tight A$$ Pants!) Puffy's mom I just threw in for effect becuz she ALWAYS looks a mess. Why did Lil Kim look the best on her release day from prison and definite yea's for Tyson and Eric. (I was mad at him for the whole cheating on Halle Berry thing but he's such a cutie.) I suspect Kanye is gay, for real, seriously. Jaleesa has had some hard times, huh?

Anonymous said...

Traci Ellis Ross got it down to a T. I don't want to disrespect anyone mother but Puffy's mom is a joke.



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