Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gap: Woo Hoo or Boooo?!?

I've heard from one of my Style Spies that the Design Edition at Gap is definitely not worth the $68-88 price tag. The all white shirts created by three up and coming designers have created darling silhouettes but are hardly everyday woman friendly and the material is too thin too wear alone. (My style spy is probably a size 6-8 and she said that the fit wasn't great.) Has anyone seen the line in person and if so what did you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I bought 3 of the pieces--I thought it was a really nice grade of cotton, not thin at all. My only complaint was that I had to order one of the blouses (through the store) and it came in such an enormous box!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm a large.

jnetteb said...

I guess I need to check it out for myself

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm wearing one of the blouses today, in fact. Do check it out (they were mostly sold out online).

Amaechi said...

When I was younger and a size 0-1...I loved the designs of GAP. However, now that I have grown into my womanly physique, I am not a fan at all. GAP, especially the Design Edition is not made for the average woman (you can tell by the models that is rockin the new brand). GAP clothing is made for people who don't have curves.



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