Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Photo from People.com

I could care less about Jessica Simpson looking adoringly at John Mayer, I was checking out her bag, Is that a Louis Vuitton? With animal print? Well I found out that this bag was created by Marc Jacobs using artist/designer Stephen Sprouse's images for Louis Vuitton's Fall 2006 line, which sold out instantly.

Here is a promo pic:

...and another view of the bag

And if you happen to love the bag, here is a look at the shoe:

Needless to say the bag (and the shoe) have WAY too much going on. Gold hardware, leopard print, LV logo AND the plastic looking chain hanging off of it is too busy for me. So my little chickadees don't be lured into buying something just because a celebrity deems it chic.


Erica B. said...

I kinda like that bag. I remember Stephen Sprouse's other creation for LV... the Graffiti bag.

jnetteb said...

I KNEW someone was going to say that! I liked the graffiti bag too but you don't think this is kinda busy?

Toni said...

Ehh...I can't get with this one!

Lavish Magazine said...

These bags are HIDEOUS! MJ had LV make only 10 of the patchwork bags that sold for $45,000. Can you believe that? Some people will wear anything just to say they have an exclusive. Even if it's drop-dead ugly.

juiicySCOOP said...

I'm not feeling the bag, but if someone threw it at me I'd work it!

Anonymous said...

i like the bag and the shoe. i wouldn't buy it though unless i won the lottery.



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