Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Overall Overhaul?

Overalls are back. Or trying to be anyway. I have seen them (and averted my eyes) to the bib fronts mocking me as I try to find clothing that will suit my shape, not make me look as though I should be shoveling manure. You see, I am a recovering overall-ic. Back in the '90's I begged for and finally got some cropped Girbaud denim overalls that were so big I could take them off without unhooking the straps. But I was hip, I was fly, I was P-H-A-T. And looked F-A-T because of the boxy look and oversized shape.


This style is more reminiscent of doing your Spring cleaning or helping someone move. Comfy but not flattering (look how wide her waistline looks.)

These are a more updated version from asos. What is your style verdict, did you participate in this trend and are you willing to say Hello Again to overalls?


Toni said...

Oh boy...I guess everything has to make a comeback at least once. But that is the beauty to being a don't have to be a slave to trends; your personal style should accentuate your look.

I'll take a pass on the doesn't suit my style at all! LOL :)

Paula D. said...

I was wondering why I saw Nia Long wearing a pair recently at a basketball game. Hopefully this won't last long.

I used to own a white Guess 8th grade!

I-S-F said...

Noooo... please avoid. The ASOS ones are particularly hideous. They're really not attractive in any way - I've tried and failed before. Too masculine, I think. I-S-F



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