Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation...

Actually, it was what I did last week. I got to assist in my first photo shoot. I am now the shoot coordinator for designer sitelets and kids at my company and it was a great move! I get to work with the studios, the art directors, and photographers as well as our online team. It's a very creative and laid back atmosphere.

The shoot went well, it was for kids clothing and they were flat shots (which meant no little kid models running around, thank goodness!) I never knew there was so much involved, I thought it would be easier to shoot since there were no models but this process actually takes longer and my tootsies were killing me by the end of the day because I decided to wear high heeled boots. (I have since invested in some flats.) There was also a lot of down time but the art director spent the setup time giving me styling tips for the outfits that we prepped. The items from our shoot will be seen on I'm in love!

Now for a more casual (yet still stylish) wardrobe...

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