Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Worst Dressed Celebs 2007

Finally I am validated. Posh Spice is the Worst Dressed celeb of 2007. I have been scratching my head trying to figure out why people look to see what she is wearing and not at her metrosexual (but cute) hubby. Unless you have a penchant for not eating for months at a time then you can fit into the itty bitty clothes costume-like clothing that she favors. And that sour expression and severe bob doesn't help her case. Bravo, Mr. Blackwell, bravo.

Others who made the cut:

Mary Kate Olsen
Kelly Clarkson
Lindsay Lohan
Eva Green (Who?)
Amy Winehouse
Avril Lavigne
Alison Arngrim a.k.a Nellie from Little House on the Prairie.
(Who has seen her enough to say that she's one of the worst dressed?!?)
Jessica Simpson (Hear that, Tony Romo?)


Anonymous said...

Posh won me over this year, I think it was with her comments before moving to Los Angeles bemoaning the fact that people just don't make the effort to dress here. I came to appreciate that she always dresses, and her size, though I can't personally relate to it, really has little to do with it. I have to love a woman who always puts it together.

Does anyone really care anymore what Mr. Blackwell pronounces?

Brigitte said...

Eve Green is a lovely French actress with great style who was in the last Bond movie. Her being on this list proves that Mr Blackwell has lost his mind.



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