Thursday, July 09, 2009

Figure Fixers: Nipple Covers

I take a lot of things for granted so I assume that all fashionistas are familiar with the notion of nipple covers until I had this conversation with my little sis:

Her: WHAT are those?!?!

(Full disclosure, they were on my mom's living room table.)

Me: Nipple covers. (Thinking: Duh!)

Her: Huh? For what?

Me: So instead of me having to wear a strapless bra , I can pop these bad boys on. Or if I don't want my nipples to show through my bra, I will put these on first.

*Sidebar* I have a plethora of dresses with built in bras, I am in NO WAY condoning letting your girls hang low and thinking that because you have on nipple covers that this is okay behavior. Unless they are oh so perky and you got it like that.

Back to conversation:

Her: Well, why are they so.....rubbery?

Me: Because they are reusable and silicone.

Her: Oh.....COOOOOL! Where did you get these?

Me: Tar-jhay

Her: Huh?

Me: You obviously didn't take French in school, it's Target.

Her: Whatevs.....(insert eye rolling here)

I also use breast petals but sometimes I think that the outline shows thru the fabric so I stick to the silicone. Plus the silicone ones are reusable up to 100 times.

You can find the Lingerie Solutions brand at Walmart and Target and most department stores carry other brands as well.

Low Beams latex nipple covers $10 @ Intuition

I Wear Nipple Covers silicone nipple covers $7.99

DIMRS nipple covers $29.99 @ Amazon (Unsure why these are so expensive!)

Daisy Maize silicone nipple covers $4.99
sassybax sassynips $18 @ Bliss

Dillards Fashion Forms Extreme silicone breast petals $9


jelly andrews said...

These are really cool. These would be the perfect way to cover those nipples while wearing party dresses. And what make these great is that these nipple covers could be reused. So that would be very budget-friendly.

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Reina said...

Simply get the best disposable nipple covers you can find. They should do the job right.



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