Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adventures in The A: Part 2 Rascals at Paschal's

After being out at Atlantic Station all day like I worked there, I was dead tired when it was time to go to dinner. I probably could have had a sandwich and called it a night and after my experience that night I would have been much better off...
Jacket: Borrowed from Reiko
Skirt (Worn as dress): Target
Belt: Borrowed from Reiko
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Bebe

We asked people in Atlanta where to go for dinner and two or three of them recommended Paschal's (they pronounced it Pass-kulls), they said that they are a good soul food spot. So we made reservations and met my sister and nephews and Reiko's in-laws for a night of eating, drinking and fun. 

 After waiting for our drinks, then waiting for our our not-hot-bread and then waiting for our meal, I start looking around like maybe Andre 3000 is in the place and they are short staffed because they are waiting on him hand and foot. Nope. No Andre. In fact the place wasn't crowded at all. Ummmm hmmmm....*sucks teeth in disgust*
He was not there.


 So of course this means the food is gonna be slap-yo-mama-good, right? Nope. The food arrived lukewarm and needing some Lawry's Seasoning Salt. I asked the waitress to please get the manager because waiting an hour to get our food and it arriving cold was unacceptable to me. The manager arrives looking like Big Red from The Five Heartbeats, minus the red hair but equally as slimy. I tell the manager that we are unhappy with our food and he offers to bring us out fresh food. Shouldn't that be the goal THE FIRST TIME? #I'm just saying. But I tell him no, that it was already late (it was around 10:45, reservations were at 8:30, seated at 8:45) and because we were a party of 9 it was going to take longer to do that for everyone's dinner. So his big gesture that will make us satisfied customers??? 

*Drumroll please* 

A fruit and dessert tray....
Ummmm hmmm again.....*sucks teeth even harder*
A tray of four desserts arrive along with some scoops of ice cream. You DID read that I wrote that there were 9 people, correct? I don't teach math but I do know that that does not add up. And the manager NEVER came back! I asked for him AGAIN before we left and I told him that I was very dissatisfied with my whole Punk-sal's experience. That I expected better and the fact that he never came back to check on us knowing that we did not have a pleasant experience spoke to their level of customer service. I told him that I expected to be treated the best whether I was their first customer of the day or their last. His solution? He asked us to come back for Sunday brunch...IWANW...I would sooner be punched in the face like Mayweather did Ortiz and forced to watch episodes of "Homeboys in Outer Space" than willingly go back there and waste any more of my time. And I DID note that he did not say that it would be a complimentary visit.
I have since sent an email to the corporate office about my visit, I just thought it was important for them to know what "the voice of the people" are saying....that they


Anonymous said...

The jacket looks very much like ankara. Love it worn with stripes

Naturally Fashionable said...

You look so fab girl!!!!

Jarette (juh-rette) said...

beautiful top...

The Fashionista Next Door said...

OMG, reading that story a second time on your blog just made me mad all over again. Like I told Reiko, ya'll need to go to The Pecan next time. So good... GREAT service (especially if you get the server that sounds like Barry White) and the best damn peach tea, you will eva have in yo life!

Anyway, honeeeey! you are workin that outfit. I want it all!

antonia said...

lmao @ IWANW! never seen it as an acronym but i didn't miss a beat on that one!

Monique said...

I live in Atlanta and that is the worst restaurant in the city. I ate there once (my first and only time) and my baked fish tasted like dish water. It was absolutely disgusting and smelled like cleaning products. They were rude and wanted to make us pay for the meal. I notified the owner immediately. I refuse to ever eat at the place again. Ever.

I am so sorry you had to experience that. Nothing makes me madder than poor service and horrible food at a restaurant.

Joy said...

I have to say being from the A I am disappointed to read about your experience, as well as the fact that this was the recommended dinner location. Paschal's, no sir, not the place. Hope this doesn't completely taint your view of the city.

Separately, IWANW, hilarious! I will be adding that to my vocab list.

L said...

I'm glad you wrote to the corporate office. Customer service seems to be a lost art these days. Love the jacket, looks like Boxing Kitten.

Fashionista Fuera de la Ciudad said...

I like the mix of prints!!You look so cute! Good job!

I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

I am so glad that you Wrote the corp office! Stay on their butts.

Looking FAB!



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