Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Are On The Way!!!!

Headed to ATL in a few hours! Hoping I can finish packing before my flight, my packing skills are atrocious, I like to have options! 

The official meet up for SFAM  will be at the Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles in Atlanta!
We've never been and when isn't it a good time to have Chicken and Waffles?
Since we aren't from ATL...we figured we could get a good idea of the best thrift shop to go to from there!

Sounds like a plan?? GOOD!

Time: 12:30, Saturday, September 17
Place: Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles
529 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
Just look for us...we'll be the chicks laughing loudly!

Thrift with SFAM right after lunch!

Tweet me for whereabouts and updates!

If I get a tasty adult beverage I may have a couple of stories to tell!


Sing said...

Enjoy yourself!

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

I love the Chocolate-dipped Thelma & Louise photo!!! :)

I hope you all have a blasty-blast! Enjoy one bite of Gladys Knight's C&W in my honor.. I've been DYING to eat there! LOL

Mellodee said...

Look out Atlanta! Here they come!

Have a great time...


Wish i was still living in Atlanta i would ssooo be there!

antonia said...

i don't believe they have a bar there :/

DazzledAndFabulous said...

Gladys Knight's C&W is soooo good. I'm jealous! You ladies have fun:)

-Dazzled and Fabulous

Ms. Tee said...

Have fun! I wish I could be there to meet y'all! I love and miss Atlanta!



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