Friday, November 11, 2011

In The Fashionista's Closet: Ahoy Matey

I went out to dinner and this is what I wore. I had twisted my hair earlier in the day, hence the scarf and felt like a pirate or a fortune teller but I rocked it anyway...

Monday I was feeling lower than a snail's stomach and went to the store with a co-worker on my lunch break. There was the cutest little girl in the store running around with her mother. I heard the little girl telling her mom "She beautiful! She beautiful!" but I kept on moping along. The little girl rounded the corner looked up at me and said "You're beautiful!" Now I believe that someone had just told the little girl SHE was beautiful and she was repeating it but it brightened up my day.

Thanks little girl!  

 “One word or a pleasing smile is often enough to raise up a saddened and wounded soul.”

I am currently working on forgiveness. It has always been difficult for me, to truly forgive someone if I feel that it is a major offense. If I tell someone don't ever call me again, that is not just for effect. I means that. Once I reach that point of no return, it's a wrap for me. We could be in line next to one another at the grocery store and I won't say a word to you.  

And if you do call, our conversation may go something like this:
You: Hey!
Me: Ummm hmmm....
You (nervous now): I was calling to see how you were doing.
Me: Oh for reals? Has hell frozen over? Did you hear through the grapevine that I had amnesia or something? Because I distinctly remember our last conversation and I did not authorize this communication.
You: (hangs up.)

I said I'm working on it, yall!
scarf: Zara
sweater: H&M
skirt: Target
bag: gifted
boots: Ross or Marshalls


Sing said...

Ah I'm sure that little girl lifted your spirits a bit.

Stacy said...

You sound a little like me accept there wouldn't even be a phone conversation because I would just ignore their calls. It's something I'm working on as well. Forgiveness is difficult, especially when that person has done you wrong more than once.

antonia said...

lmao! this is why i love you.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why I love you so much! We are twins! LOL I hold grudges like a mugg! and I mean what I say and say what I mean! You remind me of my relationship with my bff! OMG We add "s" to words all the time:) Dont let me hear it in the classroom though! I will GO OFF! This little chica keeps saying I be'! She knows it is wrong, but she does it to get under my skin! lol

LMAO @ I means that! Hehehe! I often cut and copy phrases from your blog and ask my bestie who that sounds like! LMAO @ the pirate comment. You are wearing those boots and that dress/skirt!

Do you watch lulabella on yt? Both of you remind me of the other:) Love her too!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! Kids can be so sweet. And I can hold a grudge like champ, perhaps we should have grudge holders support group, LOL.

Angie R

Tamara Styles said...

you look cute as always!!!! love those boots.

highheels said...

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ms.composure said...

very very cute!! def loving the colors and that skirt!!

Brown English Muffin said...

This picture alone inspires me to loose weight!

Ritah Nakyeyune said...

You know your colors.Super nice.

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