Sunday, December 04, 2011

No One on the Corner Has Swagger Like Us...

A special post to say Happy 42nd Birthday to Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z! What did I do to commemorate the day? Wear timbs and a Yankees cap? Alas, no. I played All Jigga All Day today! Whoop whoop!

My fave songs by Hov:

 "Big Pimpin'" - For obvious reasons, lol

"I Know" - Best verse
"Who helped you immediately? How speedy of me.
How could you deny me so vehemently?"
 "'03 Bonnie and Clyde" - "
"And I don't have to worry, only worry is him
She do anything necessary for him
And I do anything necessary for her
so don't let the necessary occur, yep!"
"Jocking Jay-Z" - "No that's not Pilates, her body just thick"

"Lost Ones" - "Lose one, let go to get one
Let one, lose some to win some"
"Threat" - "And I'm serious about mine, I'm so sin-surr" Hilarious!

I can't explain it. Besides being a lyrical genius Jay-Z has that something, that intelligence and swagger that no one else can duplicate. And I likes it.

Scarf: Gap
Earrings: Can't remember
Sweater: Zara

“Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself.” – lyric from "A Dream" by Jay-Z.


7eventh Letter said...

Love it!!!! Hov is one of my Favorites too!!!

Your Earrings are fabulous!

7eventh Letter

The Rich Ant said...

I love this post. The Jigga Man is the best nobody does better.

ib73 said...

I concur and I'm so "sin-surr".

love your blog!!

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

For a Brooklyn girl... I am not the biggest Jay-Z fan. I know, its crazy! He's.... okay, in my book! LOL

I am a much bigger fan of your look in this post! Wow the earrings and scarf look like they were meant to go together!! Love love love!!!

Sing said...

Nice photos, love the color green on you and that scarf wrap is too cute.

Mrs. T. Mac. said...

I love Jay-Z and I respect his game. I enjoyed this post and I love the green on you!


Key said...

My sister is a die hard Jay Z fan, she'll LOVE this post...too cute!

Huda said...

love your jumper and head piece.

I wanna be fierce said...

Happy Birthday to Hov. GIrl I love that headband and those earrings. You look beautiful!


Chiquita said...

Love JayZ too! My favorite lyrics are from PSA: No matter where you go, you are what you are player
And you can try to change but that's just the top layer
Man, you was who you was 'fore you got here
Only God can judge me, so I'm gone
Either love me, or leave me alone

Chilel said...

I love Jay-Z too and my baby bro as well. In fact they share the smae bday. Anyway since we are sharing my fave Jay song is "Song cry".That song is pure genius and it makes me cry every time I hear it. It feels as though he is talking about himself and it touches me so...



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