Friday, December 30, 2011

In The Fashionista's Closet: Kriss Kross

Remember the rap duo, Kriss Kross known for wearing their clothes backwards in the early 90's? Yeah that's me (and the kid from Reed Between the Lines, he always wears his jeans inside out.) I wore this cardigan look for the first time when I was in Houston, here are a couple of pics that were taken then:

Me with Reiko's little fashionista stepdaughter (she says that she's not stylish but she will definitely give her opinion on what she doesn't like, lol!)

Cardigan (Worn Backwards): Forever 21
Clutch: DSW
Pants: Diane vonFurstenburg
Shoes: Michael Kors

Me with my ace, God's Favorite Shoes.

 I wore the look again when I ventured out to the Dallas Museum of Art with a couple of friends to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. It was surreal, a little creepy and....breathtaking. I literally gasped when I went into the last room of the exhibition.

No photographs were allowed and they were watching us like hawks to make sure that we didn't take any either. The jewelry that they used to style the looks was Ba-na-nas *in Rachel Zoe voice.*
I wanted to cry at the fact that I couldn't take pics, it was so inspiring. 

BUT I couldn't have taken pics even if I wanted to because when it was time for me to take these pics, my camera battery was...dead. Thanks to Bethany for doing me a solid and using her camera phone to take my photos.

Conversation with a friend about my cardi:

Him: Is your sweater on backwards?
Me: Yep.
Him: You did that on purpose?
Me: Yeah. You don't like it?
Him: It's's you.
Me: Ummm hmmm.
Him: Can guys do that or is this just for women?
Me: I don't want ANY dude doing this...
Him: 'Cept maybe Kanye.
Me: LOL! Yeah Kanye can rock it....

Earrings: Aldo
Jeans: Mango
Clutch: Rummage Sale
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Waleo

If you have a minute, check out the video of JPG at the DMA. The exhibition, "From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk" runs until February 12, 2012.


Dawnya said...

I love that look!! You and Reiko make me smile with your fashion. It's on my list to be more adventurous with my fashion in the new year.

LV said...

I love your green cardigan. Such a pretty color and styled so perfectly.

Elvira said...

I love love love it!! I love your style overall. I have a bunch of cardigans and never once thought of wearing it this way.

Rocquelle P. said...

Love the backward cardigan!!

Ticka said...

What a great idea! I think I will be trying that! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Love the convo with your friend. Kanye would be just about the only man who would/could pull it off. lol!

Anonymous said...

Juanette! Uhm...late bday present....for me.....those shoes! lol I heart them! You rocked that cardi! Friendboy is funny! lol Can men rock that look! Kanye! #idied! lmao! Have you enjoyed your break as much as I have? Reading blogs, sleeping, eating, reading blogs, lol!

Carsedra said...

I saw someone else do something like this and thought it was soooo cute and definitely fly!!! I don't think I call pull it off but you definitely did and very well!!!

Carsedra of:

Anonymous said...

Love the backwards cardi...I could never pull it off like this...
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I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

I shall *copy* this l@@k. Me
& Kanye...

Happy 2012



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