Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Conversations With Chris: First Date Attire

I have a friend. Let's call him, Chris. (His name, in actuality, is Chris.) Chris and I were talking and he told me that he could write a book giving women and men dating advice. *Insert side eye here.* Chris is a tall, good looking dude, who I suspect sometimes thinks that he's Boris Kodjoe (he denies this.) But he says he has lots of female friends that come to him for advice. So I began to ask Chris questions about different scenarios and (some) of his advice made sense. When he would tell me "Looka here..let me tell you something..." then I knew that I was going to get a "Chris-ism" and thus an idea was born! I told him that I was going to give the readers of Fashion Nette-work the benefit of his "expertise" and help with dating and relationship dilemmas.

I asked Chris what should a woman wear on a first date. His response: "A man wants a woman who can show what she's working with but not too much thigh or too much breast." (I felt like he was talking about my favorite chicken shack!) Too much showing means that you're trying too hard and aren't really looking for a relationship. Not enough means you may be too conservative or uptight. But don't get him wrong, Chris said that a man sometimes likes to know that other men are checking his lady out but not because you are looking like you just left your job at the strip club. Chris' advice? "Don't look like a hoe. If we wanted to see hoes, we can go to the strip club!" So ladies, no clear heels, cutout bandage dresses or tip jars on your first date.

(Toni Braxton: DoingTheMost.com)

Straight from the man's mouth! Hoe = No. What say you? Agree or disagree? Any other questions for Chris? Speak on it... 

I would rock this on a date a la Mrs. Obama.


Ticka said...

I agree with Chris! Leave the hoe gear at home if you want to make a good first impression... That is unless that's who you are. No judgement here, but if your outfit is a true representation of who you are, then don't be deceitful. Let that brotha know exactly who he's dealing with upfront.

And keep in mind, just because you're covered up, doesn't mean that you're dressed classy/sexy. That catsuit (although it might not show any skin) does not say "Take me home to meet your momma."


Carsedra said...

He speaks the truth, I have many guy friends and when they are looking for something serious they don't want the stripper. Be sexy enough to like you/he said catch other guys attention, but not so much they are ready to start making it rain when you walk by!! Women need to understand you can be classy and sexy at the same time, you don't have to over do it.

Carsedra of:



L said...

I couldn't agree more with Chris. And that Michelle Obama outfit is rather daring for a first lady. It's pretty fab!

Christie said...

Tip jar? LOL!

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