Sunday, May 06, 2012

In The Fashionista's Closet: The Best Medicine

Found this nifty little number at the thrift store. It was long and shapeless and muu-muu-ish. Until I added the belt.

Earrings: Beauty Supply
Dress: Thrifted
Men's Belt: Thrifted

OH! I forgot to tell yall a funny story that happened when my students were testing a couple of weeks ago.

Bag: Prada
Bracelets: Forever 21/ InPink
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Kylie

Soooooo....we were testing and I had to go the bathroom quickly while someone watched my class. I went in, did my business and pulled my skirt up. *It was one of those stretchy tube skirts.* When I got back into my classroom I realized that I had pulled my skirt up the wrong way and it was now upside down. So the bottom of the skirt was now at my waist and it was inside out! The tag was sticking out at the bottom! I had to walk around and monitor that way until someone came to relieve me for my break. I was hoping that none of my students noticed, which I don't think that they did because they would have mentioned it, they don't miss much. #hotmess (Do people still say Hot Mess? I think that will never go out of style but I needs to know.)

I wasn't feeling like myself that day, I was stressed out worrying if my students would do well and hoping that I prepared them properly.

But I've learned you gotta laugh at times like these to get you through and if it's at your own expense, well that's just a bonus.  

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." e.e. cummings



Carsedra said...

Love this, everything about this outfit it so cute and very chic!!

Wow at your little wardrobe mishap!! lol!!

Carsedra of:

GFS said...

This is a prime example of you being a thrifting beast.

I promise you that I have been eyeballing a similar shirt/dress at ASOS but couldn't come off that money.

And you found one even better for 2 bucks!

Here it is....

If that link doesn't work...just go to and type in "Shirtdress in Hawaiian Print"

But I like yours way better.
You look HAPPYYYYY! (I dare you to dare me to say why!?!?)

Juanette said...

lol @Reiko, I really do NOT like you! I will not dare you because just like me you will tell it and tell it AAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!

SAT said...

This is a great look on you. Love the shoes.
Too funny about the skirt... laughter is indeed good for the soul even when it's at our own expense.

Carsedra said...

Juanette, check my blog I gave you an award!!! :-)

Carsedra of:

Mrs. T. Mac. said...

Oh myyy..I love this dress and how you styled it!

I did the flip of the skirt just yesterday but I caught it before I walked out..thank God! In my case this isn't always the case. I will find a way to embarrass myself...LOL


MissKroberts said...

Shut the front door...this dress is thrifted!! Great Find!!!

And again, i'm LOL'n but even harder now! Oh my gosh!! But to worry so much, shows that you really care and you get a pass for the upside down skirt!



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