Monday, July 09, 2012

I Confess Your Honor

I have a confession to make....

I have been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

There, I said it. Whew, I'm glad that I got that off of my chest. I have been holding onto this since the first episode.

For those of you who don't watch, words cannot even describe the horribleness that is this show. Think of a show filled with every black stereotype there is and you have Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. There is the cheating baby daddy, the rapper (I had to Google his "hits" but am still unfamiliar), the former stripper, the baby mama and not one, not two but three aspiring singers.

I have watched this show with my mouth open in amazement from the hoodrat-ishness tomfoolery that is going on in this show.

I wouldn't be surprised if next week they have a dinner of chicken and watermelon and then have a dance contest where a fight breaks out...and someone screams "Oh no she di-ent!" and proceeds to take off her earrings.

I kept saying before that VH1 hates black people when they aired Flava of Love, Basketball Wives  and that Elgin Charles show but this right here? This right here *in Katt Williams voice* this has solidified it for me!
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Dillards
Tank: H&M
Skirt (Pulled up as a mini: ASOS
Bag: Chloe
Shoes: Steve Madden

I am all about being part of the solution and not the problem but please don't leave me out here all alone, who else is watching? What are your thoughts? Do we have a responsibility not to watch shows that portray African-American culture in a negative light or is it just harmeless entertainment?

P.S. If you don't watch, do not consider this as me encouraging you to watch it, I am not trying to give VH1 a boost in ratings...


Ticka said...

Whew!! I'm glad you said something. I watch!! And cringe every waking moment. It's like a train wreck! No matter how horrible it is, I can't keep my eyes off of it!

Honestly, I'm not concerned with how African Americans are portrayed. We can't expect other races to stop clumping us together, if we can't stop doing it ourselves. In the same breathe, I don't think it's harmless. Young ladies who want to be "famous" look at this things and are sadly impressed by the amount of attention that these people get, negative or otherwise. And I'm not talking young like children. I'm talking young like 17, 18 years old. Old enough to be considered grown, but young enough to still be stupid. You know?

So, that's my 2cents, all the while the show is being recorded on my DVR. Ha!

Ticka said...

And oh yea… Your jewelry is too cute & I love that green on you!

GFS said...

Oddly...I'm watching it right now! #slowgenocide

Tyra said...

Ticka took the words right out of my mouth with the train wreck analogy! In some ways I agree with her comment regarding how we portray ourselves. Remember, Shaunie O'neal gets producer credits for BBWs (at least the Miami version), which means she has some "say" in how her and her buddies act and/or are told to act.

But L&H - Atl is a sure sign that the world is coming to an end :-). I mean, is Stevie J. a real person or did they just construct him out of wax for the show?!

purplgirl48 said...

My husband watches that show and he is always trying to suck me into the L&HH-Atl vortex. I'm fightin' it - HARD. BB Wives just wore me out and I can't do another.

Love the green on you by the way.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

I watch it. Its terrible. Mona Scott-young( the producer) is genius. Most men I live around sound like Li'l Scrappy. LOL!

If you REALLY want to catch you life on this show...Google Funky Dineva and get you a another slice of LHHATL ratchetness in review form.

Don't say I aint neva gave you nothing.:)

antonia said...

haven't watched. if i can't handle RHOA, i'm sure i can't watch this either. i steer clear of all love/hip-hop/basketball/somebody not famous' hoe/gf/ex/wife.

Inez said...

I seen it briefly over my cousins house...and I could say and think was ugh!

I won't watch it on my own time, those reality shows on vh1 are just too much for me!

Love your outfit!

Sing said...

How cute is this look, I'm inspired. Love the scarf too!

ari said...

LORDY!! Girl I am glued in with my jaw dropped every week. It's absolutely unbelievable! But oh so entertaining.. a guilty pleasure indeed. Sad but true. Love that scarf by the way!

Tanvi said...

You look AWESOME! :)

∞ © ∞

MissKroberts said...

I had hopes for it, minimal, but hopes none the less, simply because I do like Rasheeda as a female rapper.

I could barely make it through the first episode and didn't watch again until last night, because I had absolutely nothing, and I mean, nothing better to do. Well, i'm sure I could have scrubbed in a corner behind my toilet, but I confess, I could not take my eyes off of it! LOL

Trainwreck/car wreck and I was rubbernecking all the way *sigh*

BESOS LYNN said...

OK I confess, I watched it too! I think we are killing valuable brain cell with each episode. I can't help it, I must see it til the end. besos,lynn

LV said...

Ok, first the fashion. I love this look! You look so FAB! It is bohemian, chic and the glasses even make you look a little LA Hipster. Love it! Ok, I watched that show once and I was embarrassed for their parents. I mean really? For real? It portrays us in an awful just like Basketball Wives and some of those other shows you mentioned. I couldn't help but laugh at your chicken and watermelon comment. LOL

donna dorrane said...

1. Your look is too cute, even the bow...and i don't even like bows.

2. No It's not harmless

3. Yes we should feel a responsibility not to watch and support *on-going* *negative by design* stereotypes of our people. When cast members on black reality shows...don't show out, or bring as much drama, and weave-pulling as executives would like them to...they get replaced. They're creating madness by design...with an agenda in tow. Other races seem to protest or unplug when they're being stereotyped in reality shows...everyone seems to pitch a fit about how they're race is portrayed...everyone, except us.

4. The dichotomy is that some *white* tv executives are sitting back and saying..."well...they can't complain now about not seeing enough of their people on tv."

5. That's my four cents...
back to the outfit...too cute, and luv luv luv the necklace.

juliette said...

I totally agree wtih Donna! It's okay to watch this stuff as long as we make an effort to support the positive programming. There's a reason that Lincoln Heights went off the air while Basketball Wives and the RHOA are top rated shows. We need to have a variety of images not just the crazy negative ones. I'm just sayin'

just mignonne said...

First, I must let you know that I wear more color because of you!

Second, that show is such low budget, bull caca that it isn't even fun to watch. The cast is so unbelievably horrid, along with the whole, "I'm about to blow up" vibe, that I could only handle about 10 minutes.
Remedy? Turn off the television.

Anonymous said...

The show is a hot mess and like a train wreck about to happen, I can't tear my eyes away; I watch. I shouldn't be supporting it but it's so outrageously messy and entertaining. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Im so thankful you yanked that skirt up. You gave me an idea for a striped skirt I have. I love you for this.

L said...

Its funny how we say how horrible something is, how it misrepresents us...yet we continue to support it.............. If you'll watch it, they'll tape it.
That said, shows like this are only made worse by the fact that the positive images of us r few and far btwn....and we keep accepting whatever scraps we get..........funny how hundreds of years later some things haven't changed.

Jennifer S. said...

I love your cute head scarf!!!!


Ife' said...


Hi, my name is Eboni, and I watch Love and Hip Hop, Atlanta. Whew! so, glad you started this support group. I think it is HILARIOUS that its all crickets on Twitter when the show is on...ummm people, we can tell by your silence that you're watching!

This show is quite possibly THEE most RATCHET show of ALL TIME! And folks in Atlanta are mad about it...but I have to admit, I just watch and laugh...and I know I should be ashamed, but to be honest.. I'm not. Does that make me a bad person?

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