Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Ramblings....

My mom makes up mnemonic devices or word associations to remember people's names and still gets them wrong. If I say that I have a friend named Jeremy, my mom will say "How's Laramie?"

And even though I know who's she's referring to, I'll try and prompt her to get the name right. "Mom, it starts with a J."
"Jerome?" *fuhgeddaboutit*
She'll change the simplest name, Sonya will beome Lavonya, Reiko = Tampico, etc. C'mon son....

Been thinking about some of the dudes I know and their lack of #SelfOfSteam. Usually people only talk about women being insecure or they only say men are insecure when they are overly jealous and possessive but it manifests itself the same way with guys. That dude who has to hype himself up on Facebook (constant updates, photos of his cars, name dropping, etc)? Low self-esteem. The guy that is in an emotionally abusive relationship and still keeps going back? Ummm hmmm, get your confidence up boo. You ain't got to LIVE like that! Once you're good on the inside, it'll manifest itself in all areas of your life. Stop settling. Happiness won't come from a bottle, a big booty or a baby. *See what I did there? Alliteration!*

Did you ever notice that usually when people say "No offense" at the beginning of a sentence, they are going to say something that actually does offend you? "No offense but you look tired." What do you say to that? Thank you? I know? No offense is just an excuse for someone to say something that pisses you off.

I need to know why parents are naming their kids these, ahem "unusual" names. Like for real. Y'all have nine months and THIS is what you came up with? You just HAD to name your kid Jar'qui'sha'nay? That's a made up one but these are some of the actual names that I know of or other people have told me about:
L-A (Ladaisha), Player, Sensation (yes), Platinum, Mister (Color Purple?), Necessity, and Alize. My question is, where are the grandparents??? Where is the pawpaw who is like "Ain't no grandaughter of mine gonna be named no Cubic Zirconia!" Where are the friends? I has questions....

I had a situation. The old me would have freaked out, crying and snotting and stuff. But from the things I have been through, I thanked God in advance for working things out in my favor and guess what? It did. I told myself not to worry, that whatever happened was supposed to happen in just that way. So thankful that it worked out awesomely. Faith is a heckuva thing! #WhoopWhoop #ImDifferentLike2Chainz

Scarf: Gap
Shirt: Zara
Vest: Old Navy
Skirt: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Steve Madden

It's Friday. Go get your life so hard this weekend. I am. :-)


donna dorrane said...

too funny...'bout the names and people who

mskroberts said...

Love it! I've got a situation...actually has been one for some time now but hasn't come to a head yet. You reminded me that patience and keeping peace is a virtue as it will all work out as it should...and to get my life hard this weekend regardless! Great post!

Anonymous said...

I know u mentioned ur hair before but I cant remember what kind/type it was...mind re-sharing that and the maintenance u do on it...looks good...very natural!

Tammie said...

And getting your life you are! Good Post!

Chilel said...

Yeah that L-A just killed me with laughter...That poor girl is going to grow up and sue her Mom for giving her such a bad name. I mean, I understand trying to be original but that is going way too far....It makes all the Lexus, Princess, Diamond look the way, that hair of yours ....too good to be true...

Carsedra McKoy said...

Very cute look!!!

Your mom is funny, lol!!!

Carsedra of:



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