Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kitten Heels, Got My Life, and Staying Positive

 Please forgive the blurriness that are my photos, my photographer was not focused (focused, ha!), she was trying to text and take photos at the same time so now she is on probation.
(Can you place someone on probation if you're not paying them?)...oh, okay...

Being back at work and sitting through meetings has me thinking several random things throughout the day....
I am not here for kitten heels. And teachers love kitten heels. Usually a strappy kitten heel. I'd rather you just wear a flat than a kitten heel. Maybe it makes them feel dressed up because it's got that itty bitty heel on'em. I don't know. But I ain't here for'em, no sir. *Sorry to those of who sport a kitten heel but this is just my preference, there might be cute ones out there but I haven't run into any yet.*

 I was talking to a co-worker about my trip to New York and told him that "I got my life" and he was so confused! I had to tell him that I had such a great time that I felt like I got my life together. I need to come up with a definition for "getting my life so hard," maybe Webster will add it to the dictionary or it can replace 'turn up' as  catchphrase because Lord knows I'm sick of that.

I am asking for lots of prayers to make it through this school year. I am already struggling with people not speaking to others with dignity and respect and I always say that you can get your point across to people if you do it the right way. It is not necessarily what you say but how you say it, people will receive things differently if you take care how you present it to them.
I wish people would take as much care of working on their inside as much they care about the outside. Stop. Reread that. Now marinate on it. I know that this is a somewhat ironic statement from someone with a fashion blog but that is my wish nonetheless. 

Scarf (on head): Thrifted
Shirt: Thrifted
Vest: Old Navy
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Michael Kors
Bag: Zara
But I'm determined to stay positive and prayed up!
"Create a positive space around you
even if it's only in your own mind.
You must have an environment of good energy,
in order to give that."


Tammie said...

Your words are so refreshing and uplifting. You are a tell drank of water as evidenced by these photos. The end!

Carsedra McKoy said...

Cute outfit!!

I am with you on the kitten heels, I either wear them high or flats not in between, lol!!

Carsedra McKoy

Sunny LouisvilleSlugger said...

I love this post. You look fab and I also hate kitten heels... moreso because they are the hardest shoe on earth to walk in, they look silly.

But anywhoot, I'll be praying for you!

YoyosFashions said...

Cute look!!

dreamweaver said...

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Corie said...

I definitely love this outfit! I couldn't get away with wearing the cute skirt but you wear it well. And, I love kitten heels. They're actually a break from wearing high heels all of the time.

his_girl_friday said...

Good luck on your school year. School starts for me on Monday. And I marinated on the thought and agree with you :)

just mignonne said...

I loves me a kitten heel, BUT I have feet like Fred Flintstone, so they never ever look cute on me. Please keep up the good work with your blog and insights. You have gotten me through some tough times with your humor. You are a natural storyteller and that is a gift. I'm a Principal now but I was a Teacher for 15 years. Now I'm just kinda over the whole thing and I think I want to be a receptionist at super ghetto ratchet beauty salon just for kicks. Still workin' on me...Mignonne

mark taylor said...

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GFS said...

Kitten heels. Michael Kors bag. Tory Butch flats. That's what the fly teachers wear. Said no one ever.

Love your men's shirt collection!

GFS said...




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