Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Brooklyn, How Ya Doin?

I wore this ensemble to church because if you can't wear sequins for the Lord, where can you wear them?
One of my guy friends told me that a lot of guys are scared of me.

He said that guys see me and assume that I have a husband, boyfriend, or a lot of guys to choose from. He told me that it's a compliment because guys know that they gotta have their stuff together to approach me.

I don't know why this is supposed to be a compliment! Guys are afraid of you. Yay, Juanette! 
Yes girl, You.Did.That.

I don't want men to be afraid of me. I want them to find me intriguing. And witty. And unique.

It bothers me, that people make assumptions based on what they think that they know instead of getting to know the person.
Now I'm not saying that the guy who approaches me can live with his parents, be married, or not have a job (these have in fact, all been guys who have approached me in the past) but at least try.

Guys believe that they have to wine and dine me when all they gotta do to impress me is take me to Rudy's Chicken for a two piece, a side of fries and a slice of white bread.
*I am so not kidding about this.* Ok, a three piece, I really do love Rudy's.
Rudy's Chicken is a spot in South Dallas that I swear adds some kind of magical voodoo to their chicken that makes me want it even as I'm typing this post.

How can you rule out someone based on what you THINK you know? I've seen women do it too, rule men out because of their professions because they assume that they know what type of guy they are. I have heard some women cross men off of their list because they are photographers (meet a lot of women), personal trainers (meet a lot of fine women), or blue collar workers (not enough money) based purely on assumption and not the person.
I always say that I want someone to get to know me. The me on the inside. Who laughs daily, loves music, is a great seat dancer and has a love jones for Shawn Corey Carter (a.k.a. Jay-Z.) Who has been through some stuff but doesn't let that rule her future, who believes that being kind is more important than being rich and who wants that "you hang up, no you hang up, I thought about you all day today" kinda love.  

Sunglasses: Target
Tee shirt: Tourist spot in NYC
Skirt: H&M
Bracelets: InPink / Forever 21
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara
Is that too much to ask?


Candice said...

Love the entire outfit!

Anonymous said...

BTW - I love reading your blog. This post reminded me of the following quote:

"Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in."
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi

AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

Love the outfit. But love the post even more. The right man is coming soon.

melissa ward said...

This look is everything

YoyosFashions said...

Nice look!!

Juanette said...

Thank you everyone! Anonymous I am using that quote, it's so gooooooooddddddd!

Style & Poise said...

My kind of look!!! Love it!


Whitney James said...

Sequins for Jesus - Amen!!! :-) As always, I love your commentary. Tis outfit is fabulous! I LOVE the skirt!


droyster1219 said...

Born and raised in Brooklyn here and we say "Wat Up Sis". LOL Always makes me smile to see other parts of the country shout us out! Cute edgy 'fit.

Kahleel said...

Love the outfit.
I've had the same thing said to me by a guy friend. It's hard to really figure out what to do with hat ort of information.
Should I try to look less put together? Will that cure the problem? Lol. Heck no.
We just have to be who we are and God will send someone man enough to compliment us.

Megs said...

Here is what gets me: when a guy acts like he is SUPER into you and then the minute it doesn't work out is on to the next one. No pause in between. Then I think: okay, you weren't into ME and who I am. You were just into having a woman. Any woman would do

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