Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Let Me Find Out...


Let me find out I have another meeting. Oh my gawd Becky! I have had a meeting everyday last week (even Friday) and this week (except Friday) and open house on Thursday and it is making me the saddest of sads. I'm not-so-secretly thinking "Fo real? We still doing this? Where did my life go?" I did manage to go to the gym twice last week so that's progress but I haven't been able to hit it hard like I need to. 
Let me find out you have been Liking stupid Facebook statuses. You know the ones, "Click Like if you love your mama, ignore if you don't care." I hate those! Stop guilt tripping people!
It does not mean that I don't love Jesus or that I want puppies to die if I don't like your stupid statuses. And I am cyber side-eyeing my Facebook friends who are liking this b.s.when it shows up on my newsfeed. If you get 1000 Likes that is not going to cure cancer and Bill Gates is not going to send you any money. Stop being suckers...

I randomly found this polka dot belt in my bag of scarves this morning and tied it around my head. I'm not even sure what it goes with but I'm sure it's thrifted. 
Glasses: Warby Parker (new)
Top: H&M
Lipstic: Ruby Woo
Skirt: Joe Fresh
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Michael Kors

Let me find out you are still surprised while watching Catfish. I am late on the Catfish bus but I am wondering why people even need to contact Nev and Max when all they do is look at the fake person's Facebook friend list and send someone a message and use Google images to see where their pictures really came from. They do know they could do that themselves, right? And it doesn't take seven years of texting or instant messaging to find out that the blonde bombshell is a mousy soccer mom with big glasses and bad knees. 
*Sidenote: I do think that Max is a cutie though so he's another reason why I watch. 
That and I'm a sucker.

Let me find out that you didn't laugh while watching this Vine video, it is stupid but is so hilarious to me! It's titled "How I walk past my ex" and I can't stop watching it! I want to enter into my classroom like this every morning. Excuse the language but I am going to buy this song on iTunes because....well.....I'm ratchet like that. And I have a few people whose names pop up in my head whenever I hear this song. #FuhDahBih #IfYouThinkItsYouItsYou


Miesha Roshawn said...

I have a confession!! I used to frequent online dating sites years ago and I met a guy five years ago online that I just met for the first time in January! We never did video chat, he didn't send me many pictures. He was also very sketchy about calling me! But for some reason I never doubted that he was telling me the truth! When we met, he was everything he said he was!!

Some of those folks that go on catfish absolutely know they're being played! I refuse to believe the ignorance!!

Ticka said...

You know what Juanette!!! I am too through with you! You have me at my desk dying laughing at this video!!

While I'm never suprised at the Catfishing, I do like the show. It must be something fascinating about watching people get played so hard, and them believing it. Just sad. Sad, but entertaining.

I'm on the hunt for a white pencil skirt, and this one is fitting you like a glove Ms. Lady!! Love it!

Last, but not least... I love me some "Let Me Find Out". I starting humming the words to the song as soon as I read the title to the post! :)

YoyosFashions said...

Lol!! Love your blog!! You make my day!! Love this look!! Super cute skirt!!

Whitney James said...

LOL! I can't take you...hilarious!!! And the "click if you like your Momma" statuses...a mess!

As far as your outfit, super cute! Love the top and those shoes.


Keda said...

YES!! Max is cute. And it's probably the reason that I watch too. LOL Love your blog!

LaToya LouisvilleSlugger said...

I would so die at knowing you walked in the class like that. LMBO. LOVE IT.

I fast forward to the end of Catfish. I just want to see what the fisher looks like.

P.s. I think Niev is cuter. I love his haircuts.

LOVE your shirt!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

LOL! Girl you are a trip! Your outfit is super cute though and I love love love your hair!!!



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