Monday, September 16, 2013

People Be....

Yep, it's that time again, find out what #PeopleBe doing now...

#PeopleBe using the wrong word. My students had to write an acrostic poem using their names and one of my students used the word "aphrodisiac" in his poem. I asked him if he knew what the word meant and he said no, that his dad told him to use it. Here is the definition for aphrodisiac- something (such as a food, drink, or drug) that causes or increases sexual desire.
Sir......just because you've heard a word before and it sounds
fancy doesn't mean that you should tell your 6th grade kid to use it....
#PeopleBe showing airythang. Can I just say that I get distracted by people wearing halter tops and bandage dresses to church? Can I say that? I'm thinking your club dress and church dress should not be the same but maybe that's just me. But then again those are probably the ladies who have husbands and boyfriends. #TeamShowOut
(I realize that I may be on the other end of the spectrum, I was looking through my blog posts and realize that y'all might not be aware that I have knees, I could show a little more every now and again.) #TeamShowOutRookie

#PeopleBe disrespecting. I went to a fight party over the weekend and after the fight they played music and people were dancing and I kid you not, at least four guys were recording us on their phones. Me and a friend got on the mic and advised them that this was NOT that kinda party and to cut it out but I was so annoyed by the whole thing that I left. Who does that? What are you, 12? And why would the women at the party even have to say anything to grown men, none of the men there thought that this was disrespectful to do? It's an invasion of my privacy to record me and I don't even know you. But I didn't understand the purpose of them doing it in the first place, it wasn't like we were dirty dancing (we hadn't even gotten turnt up yet.) Did you want proof that you were at a party? Wanted to show your friends that yes, women were at the party and post it on Facebook? So juvenile and weak in my opinion....   

Glasses: Warby Parker
Earrings: Forever 21
Top and skirt: Thrifted (while in Houston)
Belt: Random store
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Antonio Melani (I think, I just got them and I'm not at home to double-check)
#PeopleBe killing me Smalls. One of my teacher friends in another district has a student named Ya'Hyness. Yep, you read that right. Ya'Hyness (as in Your Highness.) Stop.everything. *Fights the air and rolls around for three minutes.* I.cannot.with.these.people. I am unable to can. *Rolls around again and speaks damnation on Ya'Hyness' mama.*
#PeopleBe tripping.....


Ticka said...

Wayment!!! So this is a skirt and a top?! Not a dress?! OMG!! I freaking love it!! I have always steered clear of "sets", but now I will take a second look, because you totally made this look like a dress with that belt! FIYAH, I tell you!! FIYAH!!!

Now, on to these people. The man who told his son to use that word needs to be banned from helping with homework.

The names though!! I know I'm not one to talk because my name is Shanticka (Shan-tee-ka), but... Folks kill me.

I was in the nail shop waiting to get my eyebrows waxed and there was the cutest little girl in there. Someone asked her mom what her name was, and the lady proceeds to say what I thought sounded like "Absidee". I butted in and asked her how to spell it and she said "Abcde". Yup, you read that right! This lady actually named her daugher Abcde (Ab-si-dee).

I prayed.

Val said...

Peeeeeople Beeeee Trippin!!! I have to strategically plan trips to Walmart after 3pm on the weekends because the Produce Man doesn't understand, we are not friends, I don't want your number, no we can't meet at Applebees when you get off, and no sir ... I don't want a fruit basket

Zara Willis said...

Ticka I just died and went to the produce ailse at my local walmart to begin again! Abcde!

Never cease praying.

Toya said...

Ooohhhh weeee you hit he nail on the head because people be...... Extra, extra. This is too funny. I love your fit, way cute!

Carmesha said...

LOL this is too funny! I've seen pics floating on intagram of ppl named LeGenius Wisdom...Errogant...but Ticka's "Abcde" takes the cake.

YoyosFashions said...

I agree very childless!! Love your dress and how you belted it!!

Tammie said...

LOL! At this posy and Ticka's side note.
I love the colors in this look and how they are so vibrant! I'm a sucker for colors. I also love those t-strapped platforms...You have inspired me to add a few pairs of "Them shoes Juanette be wearing" to my closet! Im glad I did too they are stylish and comfy!

Tammie said...

Oh wow...that word was supposed to be "post" not "posy" ugh!

Shelly said...

I absolutely love your blog posts. Ya'Hyness? What are people thinking nowadays or am I perhaps a little too far removed from 18 years old? LOL I don't know how true it is but my daughter told me that some young woman named her child A-A (pronounced Ah-dash-ah). She had the nerve to get angry with the pediatrician because he said Ah Ah. LOL I CAN'T!

Adrienne said...

Coming out of lurkdom to say you look great!!

This post had me cracking up lol

donna dorrane said...

LOLOLOL....*fights the air...*


but really...'ya'highness' *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love your stories. I must say Ya'Hyness is a first. I've seen the names Abcde, Asif, La-a(la-dash-ah), Pepper, Leather, Princeopiece...this list could go on. Working in auto claims, I see this craziness everyday! Anyway, I love your fit as always.

Megs said...

You are one of the few fashion bloggers that actually compels me to look at all the pictures AND read the posts. I look at a lot of fashion blogs, but read very few. Your posts are consistently so funny that I have to read them. #loveit

Ro said...

I *yell-laughed*
I am catching up on the blog but I won’t comment on every single post (so people won’t think I’m stalking your whole life)
Girlll you crack me up.
But the dudes recording...lmao...WTF!?!?

Was this an Adult party cause I would have went off? Somebody would have been shame.

So let me sum it up. Fabulous, Cute, Creative, Inspiring, Hella Funny.

Post that on the next 55 post I’m abt to read :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is bertiful. And I am still dead on the floor and headed to the Upper Room @your comment about club/church dresses. #whereyouworshipat?
You make my life erry.single.DAY.
Carry on.

Julia Smith said...

I know what you mean about the club/church dresses. SOME people just don't know the difference! "I am unable to can" HAHA! Love your stories!

Anonymous said...

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