Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jeans Snafu? Try Zafu

Have the blue jeans blues? Tired of trying to find jeans that fit in the waist, make you look 5 pounds thinner and hugs your butt perfectly without trekking through 6 department stores, 20 pairs of jeans in each store and STILL not finding that "must have" pair? Zafu will help you find the most figure flattering denim for your body type. The Zafu team has tried on, measured and photographed over 200 pairs of jeans in 70 brands that they are constantly adding to. Prices range from $25 to $250 with all of the latest styles. Simply answer a few questions about waist fit, thigh, rise and give your stats (height, weight, etc.) and voila! You are provided with a list of jeans that are designed to fit you and then you select the ones that you like. You are also able to give a "wishlist" of what you want your jeans to do for you. Want to look curvy, minimize those hips or look booty-licious? They will scan and find the jeans that can help you without the screaming cursing and crying that I go through when trying to find jeans. But remember, the BODY for these jeans is ultimately designed by you so the jeans may not ALWAYS be to blame.

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