Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reunited and it feels so good......

Banana Republic and I had a falling out. I was bored with their lack of vision and for trying to "re-train" me by not marking things down as often and in the time period that they used to. So I pouted, I held my breath and when that didn't work, I ignored them. For weeks; then months. Well with Spring around the corner I thought I'd let bygones be bygones and see what was new. They have a couple of pieces that I am salivating for, but the jury is still out on "our" future.

Multi-color threaded bead necklace $78; Heritage satchel $348

Leather two tone belt $58; Silk square neck a-line top $68

Abstract quartz ring $42; Beaded colorblock necklace $88


Anonymous said...

I was in love with banana republic and I just couldn't handle their lack of not price clearances. Their prices of clothes are gettin ridiculous and I would just go in, look around and walk out to another store lookin for the same look.

I think since they were featured on the reality show Project Runway, they think their stock and rep brand went up. I think a lot of their customer numbers went down.

Brieana said...

I love the A-line top. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am sort of in love with Banana Republic. But I also happen to be in what's called "extended misses sizes" (read: 18s and 20s) and probably won't get out of them in spite of doing turbo kick boxing every Monday, so I've moved my money to another Gap Inc. company, Forth and Towne.
But I will always check things out when they go out on sale.

jnetteb said...

They are actually having a sale right now, I went to the mall the day after I posted this but didn't buy anything. Went to Zara (my favorite store) and found great things!

Toni said...

I've never shopped at Banana Republic. However, I love the jewelry! I want a belt like the one in the pic...I should've bought the one I saw in Aldo (for $20)!



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