Monday, February 26, 2007

2007 Academy Awards

For those who missed Jennifer Hudson snag best Supporting Actress for "Dreamgirls" here's a recap of the fashions of the night:

Best Dressed:
I thought Cameron Diaz's dress was beautiful, Queen Latifah looked wonderful and Helen Mirren (who also won Best Leading Actress) was my personal Best Dressed. I thought that she looked elegant and striking in her Christian LaCroix gown.

Worst Dressed:
I didn't like Kirsten Dunst's busy shredded wheat looking dress at all and even though she won Best Suporting Actress, Jennifer Hudson lost in the fashion category. Her dress looked very drab and the jacket reminded me of aluminum foil.

What do you think, who are your picks for Best and Worst dressed?


Anonymous said...

I have a few choices for best dressed. The Queen Dana herself, Reese Witherspoon i thought was so perfect, although not a usual fan of her's Nicole Kidman look was daring but so elegant at the same time.

ten said...

loved keisha whitaker's dress. also liked anika noni rose's, j-lo's and portia de rossi's.

wasn't in love with beyonce's or kirsten dunst's.

Toni said...

Does J. Hud's dress have "pockets"?

I would have to say:

1. Keisha Whitaker
2. Queen Latifah
3. Gwenyth Paltrow

The rest do nothing for me.



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