Monday, March 12, 2007

Mass retailer or one of a kind?

I saw this Old Navy dress in a commercial and I thought it was cute. I was in the vicinity of Old Navy this weekend so I went to take a look around and saw the dress "in person." I tried it on and loved the fit, the colors are more vivid and I enjoy the fact that it is long (longer than in the photo.) My mom said that it was "so me" but I am concerned that because it's so mass produced that I am going to see it all over the place. (And the fact that it is in the commercial doesn't help me.) I don't want to see myself coming and going all over the place, I can normally spot an item that someone is wearing from a major retailer. Do you have a problem with buying a distinctive item that is sold everywhere?


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you posted this...I saw the commercial for the Old Navy dresses and fell in love but its also holding me back knowing that everyone can get it...I can't get it just becasue of my fear of running itno someone wearing the same thing

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean--I bought the shorter dress/tunic ones in the eyelet and the blue check pattern. Ordinarily I try to avoid pieces that are easily identifiable, especially particular prints, but the reality is those stores are in my price range and sometimes they're using the exact same fabric as a higher-end store. Adding accessories to personalize it will make it yours, and a couple of seasons from now when you can still rock your signature piece no one will remember where they saw it.

ten said...

totally agree with all of you. i actually purchased the dress, and am not worried about others having it cuz i know that everyone looks different in different outfits. it's how you personalize it.

Sarah B ;-) said...

I had the SAME reservations... I remember seeing that commercial and immediately going online to buy. Then I stopped myself for the same reasons... I don't know yet. But I think "ten" made a good comment... it's all about how YOU wear it.

And if nothing else, buy it and store it... 2 seasons from now noone will recognize it.

Now THAT'S a fashion investment.

AngieB said...

I don't mind wearing a mass retail dress because I feel like I'll wear it totally different thatn someone else. And to avoid running into someone else with the same dress I'll try to wear mine on an occassion that others are not likely to wear it.



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