Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Things

Okay, it will be the first day of Spring next week (March 21st) and it is definitely time to get my wardobe together. So this weekend I will be doing the following:

1. Transitioning my winter wardrobe out and getting rid of the things that I did not wear the past season.

2. Assessing my Spring/Summer wardrobe from last year and making a list of things that I
need (ha!)

3. Deciding which colors/items/trends that I am willing to participate in. I look at my magazines and tear out pictures and colors that I like, but I am not a slave to trends. Decide what works with your personal style and add some trendy things but don't go overboard. Accessories are a great way to update your look.

4. For every new item you buy, get rid of something. I used to jam my closet with all my clothes and not get rid of anything and I would get so frustrated because I couldn't find anything to wear. But the problem was that I had too many options, streamline your wardrobe so that you can see what's in your closet.

5. Only buy things that you
LOVE. Even if an item is on sale, love it or leave it. By the time that you buy ten $20 items that were on sale, you could have bought that $200 bag that you thought was too expensive but fell in love with.

Bailey ballet flat $49.99 Bakers; red Simone stretch ballet flats Target $17.99; Silver Picara flats $99.95 Steve Madden; green Celine flats $90 Piperlime

Wooden hoops $8 and beaded wood necklace $10 both from

Paloma shoes $29.99 (on sale!) and Aracelli $69.99 (on sale!) from


sun-kissed from fotki said...

I just bought 2 pair of Steve Maddens(black & natural) similar to the Paloma shoes you show here & the most fab thing about it is they were only $9.99 per pair. I almost went crazy when I saw them. Your picks are fab!

Toni said...

Argh I have the spring shopping itch as well. I am not very good at spring cleaning. I once did a good cleaning and donated what I didn't wear any longer to the Goodwill. The last time I cleaned out my closet, I never made it to the the clothes I pulled out are now sitting on the top shelf of my closet. At least they are not in the way of what I do wear! But now I need to get the winter clothes out of the way...if only the weather would become more stabilized. I'm so glad March is on its way out!



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