Friday, March 09, 2007

Star Style

Kerry Washington at the premier of "I Think I Love My Wife" in which she co-stars with Chris Rock. I love the yellow but I think it's a little over the top for a movie premier.

Michael Jackson is still a nut in his Roberto Cavalli suit and WHY is he still hanging out the kiddies?

Star Jones got a makeover along with her new gig as the host of a Court TV talk show. She looks very svelte and put together, I think the hair is a great improvement, and the glasses say "Take me seriously."


AngieB said...

I love that yellow dress that J Lo is wearing in this slide show! Can you tell me where I can get something similiar? (Cuz I know I can't afford the real one).

Anonymous said...

HUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGEe improvement for Starrah. Really, I can't even hate. She looks great here.

Toni said...

CTFU @ Wacko Jacko...I also like Kerry's dress, but she should've saved it for an awards ceremony. Star looks good...just hope she doesn't lose anymore weight...she's very thin now!

J-Lo looks nice in yellow. Queen Latifah is pretty in that blue, and Mary J. looks beautiful as always.

Sarah B ;-) said...

I WANT JLO's dress... seriously... who made it?

Michael Jackson... *Sighs*

WOW! Love JHud's burnt orange dress too!

Umm I agree w/every1 else re: Kerry W's dress... not a movie premiere-y dress IMO.... but it's HER movie, not mine.



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