Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker : Bitten

Well I am probably the last to know but apparently our favorite fashionista, Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself is developing a clothing line. Sarah Jessica Parker is partnering with bargain retailer Steve & Barry's to unveil "Bitten" a line that according to Parker is "affordable, well made and slightly trendy." All of the clothing from the Bitten line is priced under $20 which would normally make me tremble with anticipation but I have not read any favorable reviews of the line and pics are scarce since Steve & Barry's threatened to sue over the pics that were leaked. I did a search for Steve & Barry's and we have one in Grapevine Mills outlet mall that is surprisingly near my job. I will definitely check out the line, which premiers June 7th in stores and give the style verdict. To check out what SJP has to say about her clothing line, pick up the latest issue of Glamour mag or read the the interview here.

Pic courtesy of Glamour Mag


gladdens said...

Well I happen to love Ms. Parker's sense of style so I will definitely be on the look out! P.S. can't tell how much I love your blog.

jnetteb said...

thanks for the compliment! i love her too so i will def check out the line!



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