Monday, May 14, 2007

Waist knot want knot

Ooh Boutique obi belt $22

I have done a post on obis before but my interest was renewed when I spotted a woman at lunch looking oh so chic with an obi, pencil skirt and button down shirt. Her waist looked incredible with the cinching from the obi. Of course I would not be the fashion fiend that I am if I didn't talk to her about her look. She told me that the obi actually came with a suit that she had (which I can only imagine was lovely as well) and that she enjoyed being able to switch it up by pairing it with separates. A great way to spice up any outfit!

Two tone leather obi and white leather obi both $39 (on sale!) @ Arden B

Elegantly waisted red patent belt $275 @ Shopbop


KC said...

Lest we not forget the waist to (boobs/hips) ratio!! Best obi/belts flatter that oh so hard to attain ratio. I'll reconsider when my torso lengthens 3 inches ;-)

Ms. Tee said...

Yeah my hips are too big for this least IMO.


Loved it!!! HA! went to Ooh Boutique and purchased it!! Actually it was no longer available, so I contacted them via email, and the owner had 1 more that she mailed to me! Thanks for the post!!!



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