Friday, August 14, 2009

5 Good Reasons To Shop Thrift Stores

1. Individuality. Thrift stores normally only stock one of a kind items unless its a donation from the local Target or Walmart. I have a bad habit of letting people know where I get something from if they ask. I so want to be one of those people who say, "Oh this?!? I cannot remember where I got this from. " But I am seriously reconsidering this after incidents of people buying the same items from retail stores and wearing them at the same event and us looking like twins. And I really cannot stand when someone buys the same item and DOESN'T ACKNOWLEDGE that they bought the item because they saw it on you first. Give credit where credit is due, people. Thrifting solves that problem for me.

2. Men love it. Tell a man you shop at thrift stores and they will think that they have hit the lottery. They are able to view you as the penny pinching, Mother Theresa, future baby mama that you are. But I caution you to give full disclosure, I don't only shop at thrift stores so my man should be prepared for that occasional extravagant purchase for a quality handbag or killer shoes that comes along with that $4 find.

3. You get to use your imagination. Thrifting helps you think outside the box and visualize what a shortened hemline or a layering piece can add to an outfit. Adding different buttons or even dying items will give an item a totally different vibe and reinforce the new-to-you feel!

4. Affordability. Got a trend that you want to try and don't want to pay an arm and a leg? Got a special occasion coming up and need a formal dress? Go thrifting, dahlings! Thrift stores aren't all old lady castoffs, stores carry up to date trends and after five options as well. And lots of stores have specials where you can get an additional discount on color coded tags.

5. You're supporting a non-profit organization. Nuff said.


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Kemi said...

I haven't read past your first point and i must say that I agree. I had one incident where someone asked me where i got a handbag and I told her, she drove 50 miles to the closest store (i scored the bag on vacay) and bought a bag that looked EXACTLY like mine.. Pissed!! I wished she would have got a different style or color. I just bought that shit and had a copycat before i had it for 2 weeks.. Now I'll read the rest of your post..LOL

Shopping Golightly said...

All great points! But wait! There’s more!

The shopping thrift significantly lowers the shopper’s carbon footprint. Read on:

Godspeed to all thrifters!
Ms. Shopping Golightly

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