Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cardigan Party

Cute printed cardigans all under $60!

J. Crew tipped argyle cardigan $49.99 (on sale!); Delia's Izzy dot cardigan $9.99 (on sale!)

Kimchi blue floral cardigan $48; Merona green printed cardigan $29.99

Merona crewneck cardigan $20.98 (on sale!); AE striped slim cardigan $44.50

Giraffe print cardigan $29; Cinched sleeve flower cardigan $22.80 both from Forever 21

Nygard floral print cardigan $58.80; O'Neill Malia cardigan $55.50

AE polka dot cardigan $44.50; Chelsea & Theodore printed cardigan $69

EXCEPT this one!

Anthropologie funneled folds cardigan $168

My fave find but it's beyond the $60 versions seen above. I love the asymmetrical button up style.

1 comment:

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