Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anna Sui for Target

I saw these items today and I must say that I was impressed but I am still faltering on paying these mall store prices at Target! I mean, Anna Sui usually retails from between $300-$800 so I understand that this is a coup for Target consumers to get her brand at these prices but I still can't help thinking, "But it's Target." But maybe it's just me, am I being a spendthrift or is Target getting too big for its britches?

Herringbone dress $59.99

Silk Patterned Dress $59.99

Silk wrap dress - Geo floral $59.99

Houndstooth jacquard dress $69.99 (This is my fave, it is more amazing in person)

Seersucker dress with lace $59.99

Silk Printed Tunic Dress $49.99

Silk wrap dress $59.99


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I saw the line the other day when I went into Target. First of all, I love Anna Sui...I always am lured to hire line when I go to Anthropologie. But I wasn't that impressed by the Target line...especially paying 59 bucks for any item! So I am with you...I just can't do it...I might get a top or two in the clearance section in a month or so though.

Tamika said...

I agree with you both in regards to Targets prices. As my dad would say, "They are real proud of that stuff!"

Mens casual jackets said...

I really like the last dress!!

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