Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Top 10 Fashion Don'ts

Courtesy of A-Line Blog:

#10 – Overdosing on accessories
Rings, a necklace, a bracelet, and earrings are overkill. If you are wearing big earrings, don’t wear a necklace. If you wear a necklace, wear modest sized earrings. When in doubt, follow Coco Chanel’s advice: Before you leave the house, take something off.

#9 – Wearing logos, words, or large designs on your booty
If you consider yourself an adult, you should not have big apples, logos, or sayings accross your booty.


#8 – Matching Overkill
Your look can be pulled together without having a hot pink shirt, shoes, accessories, and phone case. Opt for pulling your look together with colors and patterns that are in the same color family or be bold and more cutting edge and wear different colors altogether. Just make sure it is subtle and not Punky Brewster inspired.

#7 – Wearing clothes that don’t fit
Whether you are wearing baggy sweats or painted on jeans, either is a fashion/style don’t. Either can make you look heavier than what you are as well. For example, the dreaded Muffin Top syndrome (as seen below). No matter what size you are, you should wear clothes that fit to look your leanest.

muffin top

#6 – Spending too much money on trends
Trends come and go. What is hot this season can be a fashion don’t the next, so do you really want to spend $1,200 on those harem pants? Instead, invest in quality, timeless pieces like a pencil skirt or a great fitting suit jacket.

#5 – Showing too much skin
I am all for having a little cleavage! But, if you choose to have some of the girls out, then cover up your legs and back. If you want to wear a mini dress and show off your great legs, then don’t wear a low cut or back baring top. Pick one thing to showcase.

showing too much

#4 – The puffy winter coat
Like the Gortex one George wore on Seinfeld…like the ones our mom’s bought us when we would stand on the bus stop in the morning. As adults, we can have fun with our looks and be stylish. I suggest a wool coat and a cashmere scarf.

#3 – Exposing your thong
This is a big no-no. It can happen to the best of us, though. So, if you want to wear low rise jeans, please have the low rise underwear to match.

#2 – Crocks
‘Nuf said.


#1 – Wearing clothes that you are not comfortable in.
Trust me, it will show. And if you are not comfortable, everyone will notice. There are so many other reasons in life to feel uncomfortable about or worry about. Your clothes should be an expression of you, however.

*I am in agreement with all of these so do not leave me comments telling me how cute Juicy Couture or Victoria's Secret's Pink line is splayed across the butt. Grown women do not need anything drawing attention to our backsides!



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