Monday, April 26, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet:

About the 'fit:

Not sure if you can see but this jacket has small yellow dots on it. And the shirt underneath has a sash that ties around the waist. (Seen here.)

*Sigh* Can we talk about how much I ADORE these shoes??? I went to DSW last year looking for some black sandals and when I saw these, all thoughts of black sandals went out the window.

Yellow dot jacket - Talbot's
White shirt with sash belt - Zara
Men's Mossimo jeans - Target *I had a clothes swap a couple of years ago and someone brought their husband's things and I snatched these up. They are also plenty long which I like but I normally wear them rolled up*
Steve Madden Luxe platform sandal - DSW


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I am liking these outfit posts! But I want to see you in the before and after! LOL

Now...those shoes...THOSE SHOES! OMG! Those are HAWWWTTTTT!!!

(I'm thinking I'm going to host a clothing swap this summer by the way...I just don't want anyone's junk! LOL)

Juanette said...

lol, yeah I want to show you me in them too but I am telling you, I am ALWAYS running late! And I don't have anyone to take my picture for me so I am always setting up my camera. This will also be awesome for outfit planning and inspiration.

As for the clothes swap, I made sure to pick people who had awesome style and asked them to invite a friend. I will shoot you an email and give more deets, it is only when you invite those who don't grasp the concept that you get junk. (It happened once, I guess she thought it was a junk swap, lol!)

Anonymous said...

I am with GFS- luvs the shoes! I like the entire outfit. I can't see the dots though:( Still fly! I am glad you are back:) Okay this summer I am gonna step out there and really start to kick the whole look up a few notches! Just like kids I am comfortable with the old, neutral colors:( (black, grey, khaki!) I do have a few pops of color, but looking at your blog and a few others has me dying to test the waters with hair and clothes. When I do I will send a pic or two:)

Karie* said...

so... um... yeah... what size shoes do you wear? those shoes are so sick it made my stomach hurt.

loving the blog sis! keep up the great work.

Ro said...

I LOVE those shoes...My Goodness. I think I kinda like NEED them....

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