Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tx Style Council In Review: Part Uno

I met up with the Louise to my Thelma (I'm Thelma because Thelma got to sleep with Brad Pitt in the movie but he was cute Brad Pitt back then, not the sad, rundown looking Brad Pitt that he is today. That dang Angelina and her bushel of offspring got him looking all sorts of haggard. But I digress...) and we sashayed our way to Austin to attend the Tx Style Council Bloggers Conference.
Wearing my complimentary bracelets c/o In Pink. I was looking for them to thank them but couldn't find them in the crush of people.

We attended the Posh Party on Saturday night hosted by Poshmark.

(Reiko, Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely and me)
I was giddy to be in the same city as my ultimate crush, Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay-Z, he was in town to perform at SXSW. I was hoping to run into him at some obsecure out of the way place but no haps. Reiko thinks that it's weird that I know his middle name, is that weird? I just think you need to know the people that you have crushes on, that's all.

Spinning the wheel at the Lulu's table 
I met some cool peeps, hung out with some cool peeps that I met last year and made the most of the chilly, rainy weather that descended on Austin and had me scrambling to put together an outfit that would not have my catching the pneumonia. Yes. The pneumonia.

Glasses: Ray Ban
Tee shirt: Target
Moto Jacket: Target
Skirt: H&M The metallic-y-ness (Yes I know that's not a word.) The pleated-ness. (Again, I know.) The silver lamè-ness of it all. (Can't wait to style it differently.)
Clutch: DSW
Tights: Spanx
Shoes: Michael Kors

Me doing what I do. Reiko is used to my antics now...
Me, Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk and Sarah.
(Sarah I lost your card to link your blog, please let me know the name of it!)

I will be discussing my impressions of the conference, Texas Style Council and other conversations/topics that I felt should could have been addressed at the conference in a future post. Stay tuned.....


Crystal Milton said...

Love the blog. I hate I missed it. I had to work that weekend and it totally threw a wrench in my plans. I hope to run into you soon enough.

Consider Me Lovely said...

It is kind of weird that you know his middle name, but if you crush, you should know, lol. I loved meeting you and hanging with you over the weekend; we must do it again! That skirt is everything!! It makes me jealous that there is no H&M here yet. Oh yeah, I make up words all of the time, just throw in a hyphen and it makes it ok :-).

GFS said...

Fine you can have old school Brad but I get Lou Gossett Jr from Good Times! That's fair, no?!?

And I smiled at every looked so pretty! And I die for that skirt....did you check your bags? Are you sure you still have it?????

I wanna be fierce said...

Never knew his middle name was Corey. LOL. Learn something new everyday. Love your outfit.


misss_e said...


Nic said...

seems like a great event! i love your outfit, btw. that skirt is great!! can't wait for part 2 :-)


Destrehan's Daughter said...

Hi, Juanette. It's Sarah and my blog is I love that skirt, too. I am in possession of one pleated skirt but it doesn't seem to be enough. It was great to meet you in person.

Tye said...

The pleated skirt and clutch is the buz-ness and I just love how you paired it with the leather jacket and all of your lovely bangles too. FAB!!

I enjoyed hanging with both you and Reiko this weekend. You ladies are hilarious together and I'm still in the works with getting my blog post up. Been a little under the weather and the kiddos are on break from school..remember lol

Tanvi said...

Glad that I met you. Wish we got a chance to talk more ... but hey there's always a next time! :)

Loving your pleated skirt and that jacket. You looked awesome.

∞ © ∞

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

That skirt is EVERYTHING! You look FAB in it!

Nikkipooh said...

JB I left a message on Reiko's page, but I had to respond here. This look is just the bizness! I know I could not pull that skirt off, but you KILLED it! It looks fab on you and those glasses! YES! Lol I did go hmmmm at hearing Jay Z's middle name, like it doesnt seem like it fits, lol. Chile you loves (lol) him, huh? Lmao at the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie comment! YIAF! Yes the bestie and I use codes too! I told Reiko that you two remind me of me and the bestie! We have similar shenanigan type stuff going on when we get together too! It is probably a crime, lol. Oh and the hair, the hair, the hair! YES! Love the updo! Simple, but chic!

Nikkipooh said...

Oh and nikkipooh71 aka caramelnaps25, lol I had to change my email addy.

Chioma said...

gasp!! 1. I love, love your skirt! and 2. I just commented on your friend Reiko's blog, before finding yours! Small world! You both seem like fun sweet ladies! You're so lucky to have each other for support. There are not many of us in KY lol. Such an inspiration to see that everywhere isn't like this :)



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