Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In The Fashionista's Closet: Giggles and Sniggles

This is just one of a few things that made me tee hee this past week:

One of my vocabulary words for my students was illiterate. I had them write sentences using their vocabulary words and one student wrote "I had illiterate of Kool-Aid and it was good."


(He meant a liter.)
Other things that are making me laugh:

1. DumbestTweetsEver.com I love that site. Here is a snippet of a tweet:
"I think I'm lack toast and tolerant smh."

Sunglasses: Target

Umm hmmm, you read it right. She is either lactose intolerant or doesn't have any toast and is accepting of it.

This person also claims to be in National Honor Society.

2. The Basketball Wives Kitten Heel Incident. I know, I know, don't judge me. I think that the show is awful, it portrays women in a negative light and they only seem to get together so that they can bash one another (literally.) No one seems to have jobs and they all just get together to "catch up" i.e. gossip. I have really only been watching to see what Jennifer wears, she shops at Zara a lot and wears cute stuff.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Skirt: Thrifted
Bag: Kooba
Earrings: Can't remember
Bracelets: InPink and Forever 21
When Kenya, (who I'm convinced is the conductor of the Crazy Town Express) took off her shoes, (I am guessing as if to fight), I was like whhhhhhaaaaaaaa????????!!!!!!???????

But when Evelyn said "I'm mad at those kitten heels" I almost choked. Like for reals. On my Vitamin Water. I can see it now "Woman passed out from watching Basketball Wives Kitten Heel Episode."

Shoes: Steve Madden

 Kenya had on Gucci kitten heels. I guess she's one of those people who think that because something has a desgner label that makes it cute twenty years later. Maam, no, those aren't vintage, just out of style. I think she is Donna Summer's long lost daughter (that hair) and her style is roughly the equivalent of what mine was in 1986. But I never wore kitten heels.  

Another thing that makes me laugh:

3.  People that underestimate my knowingness! iKnowStuff.com

I'm gonna update my resume to Professional Googler and Facebook Finder, "Good Times" Aficionado, skilled in the art of reciting Jay-Z songs and Master of Arts in thrift store-ology and garage sale-ing. Can't remember a line from Good Times? I'm your woman!

What has made you chuckle this week?


Sing said...

That episode cracked me up too. I only watch for Ev at this point. It's all so staged, even their fake condo's.

Ticka said...

Talk about choking, I just spit water on my keyboard trying not to laugh obnoxiously loud at that quote from dumbesttweetsever.com!!! LOL!! I just cant!! lol!!

Love your white and pink fit. Too cute!!


I wanna be fierce said...

Girl you weren't the only one choking over that kitten heel moment. I was in tears. And what got me is when the camera did a close up of them. I was done.


Mellodee said...

Don't watch TV, don't wear heels (anymore), don't know what a kitten heel is....but I did laugh out loud at "lack toast and tolerant"! Oh my word, Hational Honor Society??? Not the one on this planet!!

Outfit is adorable....very spring-y and cute!

Mellodee said...

You know I meant to say National Honor Society....right? sigh....

Have You Lived Today? said...

I talked about the kitten heels on my instagram. . . that comment had me on the floor! However, I am loving those SM's and your hair!!

Nic said...

great outfit and those shoes are BAD!! love them. LOL at the kitten heel incident; i am still LOL at that myself!


SAT said...

You just made me laugh AGAIN on the kitten heels episode! Too funny.

Ioana-Carmen said...

Chic, Chic baby! do you like the ideea of following each other?;X


Erika said...

I am laughing out loud from this post...so funny! I love your way with words and your student..smh! love your outfit too.

Chioma said...

Hahahahaha! You are funny! My sis and i died at that scene! Talk about fake trash tv at its best! Love that outfit! :))


Simmran Sharma said...

This outfit looks really comfy.
I Love this outfit!



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