Sunday, April 15, 2012

In The Fashionista's Closet: Winning Weekend

I laughed a lot this weekend. A lot. Even though we had Saturday School yesterday.
I ain't about that Saturday School life. But it turned out okay.   
Earrings: Gifted by my friend the school counselor, I love them so!
Jacket: Thrifted and gifted by Reiko
Mens's Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Things that made me happy this weekend: Attending a happy hour with a great friend, making new friends and seeing old friends.

Laughing loudly, playing Words with Friends (I'm winning), having engaging conversations....and watching line dances and hilarious YouTube videos.....

Bracelets: Forever 21; Sam Moon
Bag: Prada

Soaking up the awesome weather and enjoying tasty adult beverages (T.A.B.s) with my oldest and dearest friend..

 and eating the best.burger.ever. at Village Burger Bar. No. I mean it. I live for their burgers. It is second only to a word that begins with S and everyone does it.....Why, shopping of course (what were YOU thinking???)

How was YOUR weekend?


Consider Me Lovely said...

My weekend sucked, as I spent it in bed sick, but I just lived vicariously through you in this post.

I love the men's shirt with the mini! So cute Juannette!

Mrs. T. Mac. said...

I am loving this look! Very relaxed and chic! I laughed loudly this weekend too! Isn't great and therapeutic to laugh loudly?!? Im glad you enjoyed your weekend.

By the way...I am so gonna recreate your recent camo jacket look. I have one as well that I featured not too long ago but it was a blah look. (I actually wasn't trying at all) I love yours!


Carsedra said...

This is a really cute outfit, I love the shoes and handbag!!

Carsedra of:

BeautifulByNature said...

Very cute outfit! luv the shoes

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

Hooray for a Winning Weekend!!! You deserve a year's worth of 'em!! :)


I have just found your blog Through Prissy, and love your style, so I following and adding you to my blogroll this second.
I do hope we become blogger frinds, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Chioma said...

Love this look! Perfect balance of casual chic! :))


Simmran Sharma said...

That’s very beautiful fashion collection.

Chioma said...

Love that jacket and how it neutralizes the whole look! great style! :)


adamseve said...

Is this H&M skirt a body con? If so, does it rise a lot? This is one of my biggest issues with body con skirts, but I'd like to wear them from time to time.

Cassandra said...

LOVE Village Burger! Oh and Sam Moon...can't help but notice you are probably in the DFW area...if you are check out our group- DFW Curlfriends on Facebook-a whole world of naturals on there:)



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