Monday, April 23, 2012

In The Fashionista's Closet: Censored (Kinda)

Wore this outfit to a birthday party.
Earrings: Aldo Accessories
Top: American Apparel bodysuit
Skirt: Thrifted (Got this skirt for a buck, took it to a tailor and had it shortened)
Clutch: DSW
Shoes: Nine West

Sometimes I do censor myself, contrary to popular belief.  Except when I talk to certain friends, then it's no holds barred. Reiko thinks we should have a podcast but I would need a five second delay like at live awards shows.

Sometimes I don't say the things that I want to say because of the people that read my blog.

But if I COULD say what I wanted to say, I might say that the birthday boy forgot that it wasn't going to be his birthday forever.

You know how you feel on your birthday, all invincible and popular and like you "got it going on"?
 (P.S. Do people still say "got it going on"?)  

Then there's the day after your birthday, when everybody else goes back to normal. And you realize that you've been acting like Boris Kodjoe on his birthday. 

 Just a gentle reminder.....


Dawnya said...


I love the Boris Kodjoe reference.

Kyla said...

See also: "You only wear that wedding dress for one day. Tomorrow you are not the bride." hehe

ms.composure said...

def LOVING that skirt! so cute

GFS said...


I wanna be fierce said...

You look gorgeous. Loving the hair!


Ife' said...

bwaaaahahaha that boris kodjoe joke will have me dying forever!

...and you look like

Ticka said...

First let me say that you look FANTABULOUS!!! Love the ensemble!

Secondly, LOL!!! I had that issue last year. I was acting all... whatever the woman equivalent to Boris Kodjoe is. Then the day after, it all just fizzled away. Ha! Guess you live and you learn.

Carsedra said...

Pretty skirt, love the yellow clutch with this outfit!!

Carsedra of:

Adama said...

very pretty outfit!

Kim said...

Ohhh simply gorgeous!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

You look stunning!

Samatha said...

Are you sure that you had this skirt just for a buck? It’s beautiful! I actually can’t believe that it’s that cheap.
-Samatha@usher suits

Simmran Sharma said...

nice outfit.
Good looking

Huda said...

you look great in it, so why not rock it.

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