Sunday, June 10, 2012

In The Fashionista's Closet: Facebook Follies

Here are some reposts of my recent Facebook status updates:

Sunglasses: Pitaya
Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Bracelets: Forever 21/ InPink
Men's belt: Thrifted
Cutoffs: old Levi's; can't remember
Shoes: DSW

Today's phrase of the day: "like a pimp" - a particular way of doing things; cool or flamboyant style. As in "I taught my class prepositional phrases like a pimp!" See also "like a boss". So today tell your kids you fixed their lunch like a pimp, your boss you landed that account like a pimp and your boo that you are gonna love him down like a pimp....wait...that doesn't sound right...

Today's Phrase of the Day is "baby hair" - when a person uses grease (usually Blue Magic) or gel (the brown kind) and brushes (or uses a toothbrush) to lay down the fine hair along their hairline usually to try and create the illusion of waves. *Sigh* I just saw this recently. On a person who is not a baby. See photo of Michael Jackson as an example. (Sorry Mike.) "His baby hair was laid like cream cheese on a bagel." #BabyHairIsNotWhatsUp

Word of the day: "Talmbout" -1. a conjuction of the words talking & about 2. refering to; asking a question. As in "What yall talmbout?" There is also a song called "Hell you talmbout" which translated means "What the hell are you talking about" See how much time this saves? This has been your word of the day, make sure you use the word "talmbout" at some point during your day today. #EachOneTeachOne

Phrase of the day: "Real talk" - A phrase or sentence someone says that is so true it deserves to have "real talk" at the end of it. In contrast to fake talk, real talk is usually straight and not deceiving. When used in a sentence it goes something like "Fantasia was wrong for the catsuit that she wore on the American Idol finale, real talk." See also "on the strength", "keeping it 100" and "swear to God" #PublicService

Today's phrase of the day is actually an action of the day. "Clapping hands for emphasis" - A person (usually a woman) gets angry and speaks with a clap on each word to solidify her point: "You! Gon! Take! Care! Of! Your! Kids! Period!" This is sometimes accompanied by the person pushing the other person's forehead back with the index finger. (This is not advised.) But the next time you get angry, clap!it!out! (See video for example)
I believe in education even during summer break *takes a bow.* Have an awesome day!


Consider Me Lovely said...

Lol, Juanette you're hilarious!!

Loving this summer fab outfit!!

Ticka said...

Alright, so is it bad that I do two put of the five things on a regular basis? LOL! "Like a pimp" has been going on with me for a few years now (on and off of course), and "Talmbout" just happened not too long ago. hehe!

I do despise "real talk" and people clapping their hands for emphasis. Both usually mean lies to me. =D

Now, on to this outfit of yours! You are working those shorts lady!! Love the buttondown as well!

Nikkipooh said...

Why do I subject myself to this tomfoolery before I have to take care of some serious business? The video is hilarious! OMG! I am dead over here! Flat lined! And recessitated:)
Talmbout- yep heard that a time or two- too many! lol
Baby hair- no comment! Said bloggers sport that ish! lmao

I love, love, love these posts that get my rolling around until my sides hurt:) Good day! lol

Oh and just woh comes up with this words in the caption boxes that you can barely see to type in? Uhm err? IJS!

Tavia Mac said...

Girlll...Imma need you to stop putting comic relief to your outfit posts because I find it hard to concentrate on your fly fits for literally laughing out loud. You are a bonafide MESS!!! And cut it out with them darn shoes!


MissKroberts said...


Best.Post.Ever! Real Talk! *insert claps at punctuation marks*

Wait..can those, the claps and the phrase, be combined??

I find it hard to focus on her fab style too @Tavia Mac! Too funny!

AJ said...

OMG, I love this post. And at your bow, a standing ovation+round of applause. My sides still hurt (real talk)


adamseve said...

Girlfriend you are gonna make me hurt myself...I wish I could hang out with you...You are MAD COOL &
totally HILAAARRRIIIOOOOUUUSSS! Real talk fuyu...lmbo

Love, love, love the outfit:)

Zoi Herman said...

Wow, wow you look so stylish…and this pink shirt is so nice for you dear :) I saw that you chose Pitaya sunglasses in a metal frame…in a trendy butterfly shape. I found something similar in Tory Burch collection of designer sunglasses but only with plastic frames. I wanna look as cooool as you..:)

Anonymous said...

Love love love your heels
XO Eda

L said...

Juanette real talk, you workin that outfit like a pimp. I know what u talmbout with them shoes too girl. Mmm hmm yes ma'am.

'Tia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST!!! I am so with you on the baby hair!!!

Anonymous said...
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