Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In The Fashionista's Closet: Hope Floats

Thanks to everyone for the kind words in regard to my last post, I appreciate it so much. I was feeling some kind of way last week but I loved the comment that Chioma left for me:
"Leave it with God and move on, remember whatever He has for you is already yours and nobody can take it away."

 I agree with this....

Remember my friend and ex-neighbor? I had a conversation with her over the weekend and one thing about her is that she always gives it to me straight. She will tell me when she thinks I'm wrong (lovingly) and agree when she thinks I'm right (not so often, she thinks I'm too impulsive.) But her advice to me is never rooted in the flesh, she is very spiritual and won't let me speak negativity in my life. I love her for that. Talking to her always calms my spirit.

So as of today, I am feeling as though Hope Floats (remember that movie?)
Hope rises above it all, because you should always have hope, even in the low times.

So let's change the subject to more pressing issues...

It was over 100 degrees in Dallas today and this dress is the epitome of how I want to dress all summer. Simple. And breezy. With no fuss hair.

My hair can best be described as a tuck and roll I guess. I washed it in the shower, left a little conditioner in, parted it on the side and used Eco-Styler gel on the edges and tucked it, rolled it and pinned with bobby pins. It's a nice alternative for the summer since I don't know how to braid.

Can we talk about the bronzey-ness that is my skin? Don't think that it's my doing, it's Honey Bronze Shimmering Oil from The Body Shop (or Sephora) and I love.it.so.much. I mix it with my lotion and slather it all over my body and it is the bomb dot com. (Do people still say that?) I advise you to wait until it dries before putting on your clothes and I also use their Baked to Last Bronzer for my face as well. If you want to get on my good side, tell me my skin looks bronze! #UltimateCompliment

I was at the gym and a man came up to me and gave me his card. It had his name and "Talent Scout" on it. He asked me to text him because he was looking to showcase women that work out.

I felt like this was the beginning of a Different Strokes episode...yall remember what happened to Dudley???
Earrings: Target
Sunglasses (in hand): Pitaya
Dress: Another Marshalls find
Belt: Grosgrain ribbon from a sweater
Bag: Kooba
Bracelets: InPink/Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden

Thank you everyone!


Heather Fonseca said...

Love the dress! The color looks amazing on you. I hope I can look this chic when the heat waves hit us here in LA. They haven't yet but they will.

Jennifer Price said...

I must say you look very cute and comfy. I just moved to Dallas a few days ago and I have spent my time dodging the heat!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of sadness in your life, but thank goodness for good friends!

Just wanted to say I follow your blog and don't comment much (anywhere), but I love your style.

Also secretly thrilled to see someone else who can't braid but creates marvelous summer dos with twists, rolls and tucks! Gorgeous!

Ms. Tee said...

You look so pretty...love that dress! Your neighbor gave great advice and I admire your optimism! You make me want to try that bronzing product...might have to pick it up!

estellelamode.com said...

Love the colour of the dress, it looks amazing on you.


Chioma said...

You look gorgeous! And you're so welcome, I'm glad you're feeling better! :)


Jumpo London said...

your style is domination every think. I think you should be use more wild color in dress up!!!!!
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