Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Sweet Life

Went to Houston over the weekend and got my life. I'm still recuperating...

*Insert Reiko's eye rolling here.*
 I wanted to start my Thanksgiving Break off on the right foot and I did exactly that. With the stresses of work I wanted to forget all of that and be able to laugh and hang out with a few of my favorite people. And I did.

I'm learning that sometimes you can't overthink everything,
 life is short and it is up to you to make it sweet....
 Reiko and I still have our fashion ESP, well I guess it's just ESP in general because we sometimes have the same thoughts on other things as well. She took me to an AWESOME brunch spot called Max's Wine Dive where the fried chicken made me wanna slap my mama! (Shhh, don't tell my mom I said that.) The best part? They have one in Dallas too!
 White button down: Thrifted
Jimi Hendrix tee: H&M (men's dept)
Pink blazer: H&M
Jeggings: H&M
Boots: Marshalls
I'll be heading out of town to visit my mama'nem for Thanksgiving so if you're so inclined you can follow me on Instagram here, I'll take a pic of my mom's famous green bean bundles for you!

"Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive."  ~Elbert Hubbard


Consider Me Lovely said...

Such a cute casual look Juanette! Yay, you had Max's; it's SO GOOD!!! have a wonderful Thanksgiving dear.

Tammie said...

Get a tee-shirt and blazer look together...check! Thanks for the inspiration

Carsedra McKoy said...

This is my kind of outfit, supper cute and casual!!

Have a safe and Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Carsedra of:

Simplybee said...

Oh I wanna man on my chest too! Lol luv the look especially that hot pink blazer!

Connie Omari said...

You are sooooooooooooooo fierce DEAR!!!

Anonymous said...
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