Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I used to be a G.
Don't look at me, I did! 
I used to be harder than the secret to Donald Trump's hairstyle.

Now don't get me wrong, I have always been a sensitive sort. I will cry when I say good-bye to my family after a visit, I will cry talking about a previous time that I cried, and watching a sad movie when the dude cries? 
Mushy like a soft serve ice cream cone. Smh...

 But when it came to matters of the heart? I was a thug. I could outstubborn John Wayne if I wanted to. (I just kinda feel like John Wayne was stubborn, he could have been a perfectly nice, forgiving man.) But anyway, once I was done back in the day, it was OVAH, I would treat you like John Cena #YouCantSeeMe 
(Shoutout to my nephew for hipping me to that phrase.)

But now I don't know whats going on. Once I let someone in and become vulnerable, it's difficult for me to take my ball and go home (while giving them the middle finger) like I would do before. I want to TALK about stuff and WORK THINGS OUT and think about #RelationshipGoals and secretly call him Bae even though I hate that term. 

I may even cry a few tears or two. Thug tears but tears nonetheless.  

Scarf: Gap 
Dress: Ross
Shoes: Sam Edelman

I think that because I meet few people that I connect with so if I do allow someone in, I want to preserve that. I told my friends that I think of myself as an exclusive nightclub. People may want to come to the club but everyone isn't going to get in. 
Now matter how much they think they can pay. #Pow #NoEntry #TurnAroundAndGoHome

But in the meantime,  
I be in my feelings like Drake getting chosen last at kickball. 
And being a bag of marshmallows is gonna get my thug card revoked so this will have to be our secret, m'kay?

Has anyone else had this experience? Don't act like it's just me! 


Miesha Roshawn said...
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Ticka said...

Tee-hee! Thug is my middle name! Well like you, it used to be. Then my husband came along and busted all of that up. I still try to be hard with him sometimes, but he just looks at me like he don't know why I'm playing. lol! I think it's a part of growing and learning. Err body ain't out to get us. Some things are actually mistakes and don't require the everlasting write-off. We learn to allow people time to learn how to treat us. Even if we get hurt in the process. That's not the worst thing in the world, right? Now don't get me wrong! Some folks have to get the boot off top! Still put your John Wayne hat on and follow your gut for those dummies!

And btw, I love that color on you! You always look gawgus!! :)

Latitefraiz said...

I love your dress


digal704 said...

Sooo cute!!!

Juanette said...

You know we for real for real friends, right? You gets me! Thanks for the advice! ��

Elaine Fontenot said...

I'm sitting here trying not to get all emotional, words so true because real G's don't cry or so, I heard lol

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