Thursday, July 02, 2015

Spectacular Vernacular

Although I've had some things that have made me smile (#LoveWins), I've debated about whether I was going to post about the recent going ons in the world that have made my smile turn upside down. I have had that heat up in my chest and had #FacebookWars with small minded people and although I am passionate about current events I've decided not to give any more power to the people who are trying to bring unhappiness into the world. I do however want everyone to stay actively engaged in meaningful conversations about things that affect our world. 

(But don't listen to Don Lemon. He is pissing me off.)

So let's talk vocabulary, shall we? I recently learned what  the term'woes' is and I wanted to share, because I believe in Each One Teach One (and it makes me feel with it, okay? Humor me.) Okay, so Drake has a song titled "Know Yourself" and there is a line that says "Running through the 6 with my woes." and I said whatchutawkingboutWillis?

So according to Urban Dictionary (a bonafide source of intellectual information) woes means "working on excellence" i.e. your crew or your squad. I'm glad that cleared things up, I thought he meant he was sad. #SobbyBrown

Top: Asos
Pants: Marshalls
Bracelets: Om Imports (I think)
Sandals: Sam Edelman

Don't shoot the messenger my friend......

Oh yeah and speaking of Drake, he has a beard now. No, I mean an actual beard that grows on his face. And I like it. Like, a lot. 


Nikkipooh said...

I had to try to figure out woes also, but I just thought it was like your crew. Thanks for clearing that up, lol. Don can kick rocks. I would say more, but I will refrain!!!

Audrey said...

Don Lemming (Yeah, I said lemming!) is THE WORST!!!!

Kandi said...

I thought he meant something else that rhymes with woes...Cute pants, Sister! I have the same top. Boo

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