Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jump to It

I am on the fence about jumper dresses, I don't think that they are necessarily for me but you can layer them with a tank, sweater or leggings underneath.

Ashley Simpson & Elisha Cuthbert

I prefer these empire waist dresses instead of the jumper for a more structured silhouette.
What do you think, are jumper dresses for you?


shop2much said...

thanx so much for posting the info on jumper dresses. i just bought one and couldn't figure out what to wear under it. so thanx for the ideas. i originally bought it for a club look but i'm now thinking its more of a casual thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm 41-years old--I wouldn't be caught dead in a jumper. I'd feel like an overgrown child.

Erica B. said...

I'm very apprehensive about this style too... to reminiscent of maternity wear!

404momi said...

The jumper dresses are cute - but definitely not for me. I believe my tastes have matured since I have reached my 30's.

Those umpire dresses are too cute. I have a pattern waiting to be made into one... if only I could find the right fabric.

Thanks for posting!

andrea said...

I'm loving the jumper dress. I need one right away!

unsungdesigners.com said...

Daily Candy just featured one of our Unsung Designers - Liza Rietz - and her great Bib Jumper this week. We think it is a great jumper as it is veristile and slimming - not boxy like many....



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