Friday, December 29, 2006

Yea or Nay?

Front view

Back view

Too cute or over the top?
VIA belted wool trench $158


Erin T. said...

I think the buttons on the back just kill it. I love the color though. Lord knows I love to rock some yellow

Speakeasy from Nappturality said...

Very FLY... Only some ladies could rock it though. Confidence and overall khutspe must accompany this coat!

Alesse said...

This coat is too cute, but you definitely have to be confident to wear it :D .

Anonymous said...

Like the person said above - the buttons literally and physically kills the look. I mean who wants to sit on some buttons?

SoutherNtellect said...

Loved it until I scrolled down.
Looks she put it on backwards...not a good look.

Elle* said...

I like the pop of color for the winter. I even like the buttons going down the back, it gives it a little flair.

mo said...

gorgeous i love the diff look



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