Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Make up for the New Year

I had an aha moment as I looked in the mirror at work the other day. I hate my makeup I thought as I washed my hands and pretended that I wasn't checking myself out lest anyone think I was vain. This had been a problem for me before, I have gone from Studio Fix to Maybelline to Bobbi Brown this year trying to find the perfect foundation that blends and looks great in pictures. I am the original Mask, yall. So I emailed my friends and of course they all came to the rescue. So we went to the mall and I got a makeup makeover that was Fab-U-Lous! My friend, Dee, the makeup maven steered me in the direction of her favorite makeup artist at the M.A.C. counter and he hooked me up. These are some of the products (but not these colors) that he used:

Studio Moisture Fix $28; Studio Finish concealer $14.50

Studio Fix Fluid foundation $25; Bronzing powder $20 (I love this! It adds natural effects so that your foundation doesn't look so "flat")

Shadestick shadow (can also be used as a liner $16); Eyeshadow $14 (He used Embark shadow, it looked great!)

Plushglass $17.50; Tinted lipglass $14 (only in the middle of my lips)

I didn't buy everything, just the shadow, concealer, foundation and bronzer. I have been thinking about going back to get the moisturizer, my face felt so great even a couple of days after!) If you ever find yourself in North Park mall in Dallas, look up Lincoln at the M.A.C. store for a new look!

P.S. I LOVE gift cards!

So do something new for the New Year to look your best, whether it's regular mani and pedi's, waxing (ouch) or a full body massage (yum!)

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