Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yea or Nay?

One of my co-workers wore a strapless dress with a crisp white shirt underneath and I thought it was such a cute look that I wanted to profile it.

This is the actual dress that she wore (sans belt) with cranberry tights and shoes. (A fashionista herself, my co-worker and I have a mutual admiration society going on.)

So what are your thoughts, is this a look that you would try?


Erica B. said...

I like this look. I've seen it in magazines and on tv. My favorite is a crisp white button down shirt with a strapless plaid dress.

Anonymous said...

B/4 seeing the pic of the model, I thought it would be a crumbling mess...

Gotta say, it's kinda cute; I'm searching for some different stuff like that--All-Star weekend in Vegas calls for the Sports Diva!


Alesse said...

It's a cute look, but it's definitely one that could go horribly wrong if you aren't careful, lol.

shoppinchic said...

i'm so glad that you featured this. I saw it in the Lucky mag and have been wanting to try it. I'm waiting for the right event. I've already tried it on and its very cute and different



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