Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes Fashion

The fashion winners (and losers) at the Golden Globes:

Jennifer Love Hewitt (To the Ghost Whisperer star: *psst* this ain't working) and America (Not so Ugly Betty) Ferrera

I don't know who this chick is, she was in Babel wth Brad Pitt and I must say that this ensemble leaves me speechless

Sienna Miller a.k.a. "Heidi" and Jessica *remember to stick my booty out* Biel (She looks great though)

Nicolette Sheridan who never looks polished to me and Eva Longoria (styled by Robert Verdi, looking not so Desperate)

Jennifer Garner (I think she looks okay) and *yawn* Beyonce (I am so tired of this look on her)

Cameron Diaz (Notice her skin and hair match her dress) *Hated it!* and Hilary Swank(She always looks amazing on the red carpet)

Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon; Both are going thru breakups, their exes are kicking themselves

Salma "Put those puppies away for once" Hayek and Jennifer Lopez (Does she look this fab because she left Marc"Skeletor" at home?)

What do YOU think?


Anonymous said...

Jada looks nice, wish that a satin ribbon same color as dress was tied right up under her busom ending with a bow in the front.

America looks nice. Anything would have looked nice since she is always on the show as Ugly Betty. Anything an improvement for her.

'Nessa need to kill her hairstylist! A slick updo was in order. What happened? And notice she was never in any of the emsembles shots after they won.

Jennifer (Jennifer is a popular name isn't?) I thought ALL the Jennifers looked divine!) But I wondered why Jen Love Hewitt was there until I heard she had a show. I didn't know that.

Be(yawn)ce obviously wanted the attention from every one else since she wasn't going to be the star of the night. Boy did she get shut out! Oversexed, over-done!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Jesica Biel need to go sit down on her new butt cheeks! It's so obvious that she wants to be the butt girl of 07!! So tacky to have to stick her butt out for every shot!

And I'm actually a Cameron Diaz fan, even with the crazy outfits she wears. This one here to me reminded me of fairies and I loved it. But if she knew Timberfake was going to be there, why couldn't she arrive looking more sexier and regal to make him see what he lost!!! Isn't that in the Ex-girlfriend Handbook, page 20, paragraph 6, article IX???

Anonymous said...

Jada looks good. She shows that you don't have to be 7'11" tall to model beautiful clothing.

As much as I LOVE Beyonce, this was a desperate plea for attention. I reckon if it had anything to do with the fact that Jen Hud looked so nice and was going to win...we all knew it.

Biel's butt has already worked my nerve and she just got it. At least JLO didn't have to walk like something was stuck up or butt (or try to walk on her tip toes) to drwaw more attention to it.

Edie said...

1. JLH dress was too overwhelming for her frame. Look like cheap curtains.
2. America the Beautiful!
3. The Grudge- I mean the girl from Babel looks like a poodle.
4.Sienna's hair did not go with the dress.
5. Jessica looks like her back hurts.
6. Golden Globe Barbie.
7. Eva looks sexy and elegant.
8. Jen Garner dress doesn't fit. What happened to all that pregnancy booty she had.
9. I like Beyonce, what the hell was the pose about. " Look at me, I am a serious actress"NOT! That dress needs to go back to the set of Goldmember.
10. Casper,I mean Cameron get some sun.
11. Hillary dress is ok. I didn't like the fabric it looks like wool felt.
12. Drew look like she was glowing. The dress fit well and was perfect for her.
13. I didn't even know this was Reese when she was presenting. I like the dress. Her new cut is amazing for her. But the RED shoes. Conjures up images of Ronald McDonald for me. Knees up she is the bomb.
14. Salma knows better and she knows she could have done better.
15. Marc Anthony let her show a little skin tonight. She looked nice.

Miss Angel said...

Loved America's look! Where's my girl J.Hud - she looked stunning as well. And I could have done without Beyonce's Vogue-era pose on the red carpet.

Shannon A. Carter said...

Jessica looked a hot mess posing like that. She was so obviously sticking her butt out. If you gotta do all that to get a butt, just leave the butt alone. I thought J.Lo's dress was the best of the night. It was GAWJUS! I would rock that to my wedding, birthday, and funeral. Drew looked really nice. Bey needed to quit. I love her, but that was so not a Golden Globes dress or hairstyle. She looked like she belonged in a video, not on the red carpet. I'm a bit surprised cause she usually knows how to step her game up.



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