Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cream of the "cropped"

Now that it is getting closer to Spring, I always look for "tweener" wear. Something that is not a bulky sweater but not a tee shirt either. So I throw on a cropped jacket with a tee, a button down or a long tank that looks great with jeans, a skirt or pants.

Delia's "Hannah" jacket $78.50; Marc by Marc Jacos sateen jacket $398 at Neiman Marcus

Edun "Sappho" cropped jacket $350 and Theory "Craze Leilani" jacket $265 both from Nordstrom

Nick & Mo "Doris" short sleeve jacket at Nordstrom $54

Windsor blue/white jacket with buttons $42.50; Diane vonFurstenberg "Laurus" jacket $425

1 comment:

Anne said...

Those are cute! You have some great picks...
Love your blog.



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